Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 17/04/2017

No training on Monday night but I suppose you will all be training during the day. Make sure you leave enough energy for Wednesday night!!

Wednesday 19th April.  7pm Athletic Club.  Easter Handicap.  A 2 lap 2 mile cross country. The race will start on the lane behind the Squash courts, close to the wood a few hundred yards up from the road. We are looking for a 7.20pm start, when the clock starts ticking you need to keep a look out for when need to run. Handicap Steve has filled Duncan in with all the details so it is now Duncan you need to see for your start times. I’m hoping to have the odd obstacle in the wood so I would like one or two helpers to arrive a little earlier to give me a hand, say 6.30. Please. Easter eggs for all runners but you must have run two time trials to win the trophy but anyone can run. The course is usually good going, even when wet so most shoes do. There are lots of rabbits around, rabbits make holes and yes, it will be uneven so watch where you put your feet. The older ones will under stand this!!
Also on the the same night as the handicap there will be a raffle for not one but two rooms , ie an overnight stay at the Golden Lion Inn, Osmotherly . All those paid up members running in the Lyke Wake relay will be entered in the draw. If you have not yet put down your names then please do so pretty soon.
Today I ran the parkrun at Dalby, it’s a 1 lap in mostly forest and the first 2k is slightly down hill which virtually makes it a 3k race. I like it because it’s all trail with twists and turns and is remarkably fast however it can get a little sticky in a couple of places if it is wet but today it was dry. I run with a watch but only to show distance, never time. I stop my watch at the finish and wait for the text to come for the result. Today I did a pb (77.25%) which was surprising because I’m a touch over weight, not done any speed work since the  Lightwater 10k  and I’ve had an ice pack on my left ankle every night for the past week. It’s also a little annoying because when I was running well I didn’t get the right conditions to run a fast time. At the same time I’m also just wondering if I could nail 80% just one more time before I need to hang my shoes up- I’m going for the ice pack right this minute!!
                                                           Happy Easter, Rob

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