Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 14/12/15

Monday 14th December – 7pm – Flatts, Thirsk and Sowerby Leisure Centre.

We are no longer at the school so come well wrapped up because it’s going to come cold some time very soon.

Wednesday 16th December – 6.45’ish – Thirsk Athletic Club – Christmas Handicap.

Start at the Station car park at around 7.20. Stop watch Steve has already worked out your handicap, you will start in small groups so please find your starting time. If you miss your start time it will be your fault!! You can only win if you have done two TT this past term however anyone can take part. You need to see Steve pretty early on to get a realistic start time if you are new to the club/haven’t done a TT and he will fit you in, please don’t arrive late and expect to get a good start time. Everyone who runs will get a prize and please bring a few nibble to eat after the run. There will be showers available as the building work has been delayed!! If you want to win the race then you will probably have to run at least 20 seconds faster than your last TT. It’s always best to run strong to half way then start to pick up the pace steadily until you get to the post box on the way back (half way) then give it all you have, it could be your lucky night!! You never give up until you cross the line.

Friday 11th December – 7-7.30 – The Golden Fleece – Christmas party.

We have quite a few surprises and we also have a world record breaker to present the prizes – please don’t be late.

A note from Rob…

If you have been to all training sessions this term then you will have had 30’ish good work outs. I have done quite a few calculations and I see that most of you have improved between 3 -7%. I know it all has a lot to do with commitment, intensity and so on but at whatever level you are at you have improved most markedly over the last few months. I’m chuffed about that and I hope you are too. A big thank you to Sonja, Peter and all those who have helped. Thanks for giving up your time to motivate and help others. I’ll be watching your performances over the next few weeks to see how you get on!! Of course it doesn’t stop here, January brings and new term and a new year, new dreams and new challenges. Good luck in 2016.

Gosh, I’ve just heard it again. Always on tv people are always saying how hard it is for the younger people of today to get on and do this, that and so on but I don’t ever remember it being easy for us older ones either. I was born the eldest of 6 boys and up until the age of ten we shared a house with my uncle and his family (6), it was a big farm house but even so we slept 3 to a bed. (sometimes 4) Having children seemed to be what Mum did between milkings.( no maternity leave!!) We moved to a house with electricity when I was 10 (1963), Bath night was on a Friday and we had an outside thunderbox which was 30 yards down the garden path. I can remember walking down the hedgerow tops in 63 because of all the snow and it was said we were cut off form civilisation for weeks!! On a technicality this was not true because we didn’t go anywhere to get cut off from, we couldn’t afford to. We used to share the family car with my Uncle’s family. Actually, it was a 10 year old morris van which doubled up as an animal transporter and it was not uncommon to share a lift with a couple of calves, pigs or even sheep. I can still remember one particular market day when Dad had to do an emergency stop on Thirkleby bridge and two of my brothers and a pork pig shot out of the back and into the front onto Mums lap. You have never heard a noise like it, the screams went right through you. At the same time poor Grandad lost his false teeth under the drivers seat. Mum would never go in the van any more after that. We still laugh about it all these years later.

See you all tomorrow night, Rob

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