Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 14/09/15

Monday 14th September  – 7pm – Thirsk School Gym

If the weather is fine there is a strong chance you will be outdoors however changing rooms and toilets are available.

Tuesday 15th September – 7pm – Athletic Club

Paths and trails around Thirsk.

Wednesday 16th September – 7pm – Thirsk School Sports Hall

First half core work followed by short intervals inside.

Outside group – 4 x 3 minutes/ 1 recovery.


I am writing this shortly after completing the Tholthorpe 10k., this week is so full I won’t have time later in the week. I have just had a good soak in a cold bath for the past 20 minutes so while I warm up I thought I would put a few words together. Today I was surrounded by first timers, recent pb’ers and fellow club runners who are just running well so it was great to be on the inside for a change and being part of it. I have missed being with you all. Even though I finished 1 minute 22 seconds outside my target time ( I don’t like heat!!) and this being my longest run since April I was pleased with the performance.

In 6 days I run in the World Masters mountain running champs so I should just about recover in time before I have to do it all over again. Usually these races are all up hill but this year there is a 1000′ climb in the first 1.5k, a loop on top and then back down again. The only problem is I have not run anything steeper than the Fountains parkrun since last September.   We will see what happens next Saturday provided I recover from the effects of today.

I was asked the other day what it is like running up mountains and the best way I could describe it was like this. Go to the bottom of the White Horse road with your bike and start to climb up the hill at a pretty brisk rate, after about a couple of minutes get out of the saddle but keep the pace going. After another few minutes your legs will start to get a bit wobbly but you can’t ease off because there are no flat bits so you keep going the best you can. Now is about the time everything starts to get a bit wobbly but you keep going and for the next 50 minutes it is a battle between mind and body and nearly always the chuffing body wins and I end up walking somewhere before I reach the top – could this be the year I don’t?  I also know it doesn’t matter how hard it is on a bike to get to the top of a hill it’s a lot easier to come down the same hill on a bike than it is to run down it!!, I’ve found that out this past few months while injured!!

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