Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 14/09/15

Monday 14th September  – 7pm – Thirsk School Gym

If the weather is fine there is a strong chance you will be outdoors however changing rooms and toilets are available.

Tuesday 15th September – 7pm – Athletic Club

Paths and trails around Thirsk.

Wednesday 16th September – 7pm – Thirsk School Sports Hall

First half core work followed by short intervals inside.

Outside group – 4 x 3 minutes/ 1 recovery.


I am writing this shortly after completing the Tholthorpe 10k., this week is so full I won’t have time later in the week. I have just had a good soak in a cold bath for the past 20 minutes so while I warm up I thought I would put a few words together. Today I was surrounded by first timers, recent pb’ers and fellow club runners who are just running well so it was great to be on the inside for a change and being part of it. I have missed being with you all. Even though I finished 1 minute 22 seconds outside my target time ( I don’t like heat!!) and this being my longest run since April I was pleased with the performance.

In 6 days I run in the World Masters mountain running champs so I should just about recover in time before I have to do it all over again. Usually these races are all up hill but this year there is a 1000′ climb in the first 1.5k, a loop on top and then back down again. The only problem is I have not run anything steeper than the Fountains parkrun since last September.   We will see what happens next Saturday provided I recover from the effects of today.

I was asked the other day what it is like running up mountains and the best way I could describe it was like this. Go to the bottom of the White Horse road with your bike and start to climb up the hill at a pretty brisk rate, after about a couple of minutes get out of the saddle but keep the pace going. After another few minutes your legs will start to get a bit wobbly but you can’t ease off because there are no flat bits so you keep going the best you can. Now is about the time everything starts to get a bit wobbly but you keep going and for the next 50 minutes it is a battle between mind and body and nearly always the chuffing body wins and I end up walking somewhere before I reach the top – could this be the year I don’t?  I also know it doesn’t matter how hard it is on a bike to get to the top of a hill it’s a lot easier to come down the same hill on a bike than it is to run down it!!, I’ve found that out this past few months while injured!!

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Hello club members and friends of the Thirsk 10 road race. We would just like to provide a brief update to inform everybody that for obvious reasons the Thirsk 10 race will not be held in March 2021 however, we intend to reassess the situation in the Spring with a view to holding the event later in the year subject to national and local restrictions in place at the time. We apologise for the disappointment this will undoubtably cause, however I am sure that everybody appreciates that the Covid 19 Pandemic is a fluid situation with rules and restrictions seemingly changing on a daily basis. We will provide a further update in once we have been able to consider matters. Assuring you of our best intentions at all times, keep running and stay safe. The Thirsk 10 Team.