Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 14/08/17

Once again I am writing this early because a certain person is running his last 5k race on the track this coming weekend and I’m going to be setting off a little bit early to make sure I don’t miss it!! I have also attached some photos which have been sent by Sarah Elton from The U Foundation who also thanks all those who donated and to say all those donations reached there intended destination. There is also a letter of thanks from the Head Master and pictures of children from both junior and senior schools. Can you spot your running top?  Please note the photo of the little ones crossing the floods just to get to school.

Sunday 13th August.    Darlington 10k  Club Championship race.  2 x laps.  Fast and flat.         Good luck and I’ll be thinking of you!! Christine will probably be enjoying a lie in!!
Monday 14th August.  7pm White Horse car park.    A relaxed hill session. Sonja might or might not make it but she has asked me to make it a hard session. ( Just joking)  It could be sticky going under foot and raining if today is anything to go by!
Beginners group wk 12. Almost there. Well done to you all and thanks to Andy, Jody and Drikus for their help and encouragement.  I hear one or two of you are wanting to become members, Andy will point you in the right direction. This would entitle you to wear a club vest during your target race,The Sessay Swift 6, again see Andy. We will all be cheering you on.
Wed 16th August.  Summer time trial, Scarborough.  We need to be leaving Thirsk Market Place at 5. 30 pm prompt. The clock! Sutton Bank car park 5. 45.  For those travelling by car then you need to be at lamp post number 60 which is on the Marine drive at the South end of North bay. ( near the arch) We are wanting a 7pm first runner start. The run will be on the marine drive and is accurately measured to be approximately 2 miles long!! Afterwards you are all booked in at Walkers Chippy where the trophy will be presented. That is if the person who won it last year brings it back, whoever it might be!
I have also been asked to remind you that for the month of August, every Friday afternoon, ( 2pm meeting at  Rusty Bike Cafe ) there will be a group of runners doing some hill training. You are all welcome to come and join in!
This last weekend was probably the first time I have been away from home without my running shoes, ever. I spent three whole days without running, swimming or biking and I quite enjoyed it. I did however manage my best hill session for quite a few years the morning after we came back! We spent most of the time walking hand in hand around London. Sadly, I have reached the age where I quite often have to look for a place to spend a penny and when i was little/young it used to cost a penny. I needed to go in Covent Garden but sadly the public loo was padlocked up which sort of left me a little irritated because we had quite a bit of back pressure building up. I asked directions and down some stairs I found one which was open. It cost me a pound. A full pound. While I stood there relieving the pressure I worked it out that by the time our Grand Children reached my age, at the same rate of inflation they could be spending £100 pounds to spend a penny! Now there’s a thought!
Mo Farah. Do i need to say any more? What a race, what a night and what a guy he is. I did see it on tv when we arrived home and i thought the BBC, Big Bren and Steve Cram covered the race perfectly but what you didn’t get was the noise. From lap 10 you could not hear any commentary, times or anything. A guy near us registered 140 on his pulse monitor but he was at least stood up. Brilliant. Christine and I  had our dinner in the presence of Harry the Harrier, Jason Gardener, Jo Pavey and my best friend Seb (Lord Coe) before the opening ceremony.  I spent a weekend with Seb in 1984 at a training camp ( Gleneagles ) and he still remembered it. We talked about old times, I introduced him to Harry and I asked him to be a guest  at our gala dinner! ( I lied about the last bit about the dinner, i hadn’t quite had enough to drink by then but i was working on it!!) After the medal presentation we had supper in the presence of Mrs Mo and all the children , we had hoped to meet Mo but he was busy doing his cool downs and having an iced bath. It was a truly wonderful night and one we hope to repeat this coming weekend but then we runners do dream quite a bit don’t we?

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