Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 13/11/17

NY/SD cross-country.  Caedmon School, Whitby Y021 1QA

This is the last Club Championship race of 2017 but the second race of the winter in the league. A difficult but testing course to do but if it was easy then everyone would want to run it! You may get away with just a stud but if you are feeling good and are in good shape then a light spike would be ideal. Be prepared for lots of ins and outs, ups and downs and change of pace. If at any time you feel comfortable then you may not be trying hard enough. Please bring your club vest but if you don’t have one then you need to get one ASAP. Just come with the thought of having a good workout.

11.00 U11 Boys & Girls 1.2k 1 small lap
11.15 U13 Boys & Girls 3.0k 1 large lap
11.35 U15 Boys & Girls 4.2k 1 small + 1 large laps
12.00 U17 & S.Ladies 5.4k 1 medium + 1 large laps + U17 Men & Over 65 Men
12.30 Senior & Vet Men 9.3k 3 large laps

Thirsk school 18:45 doors open session starts at 19:00. Same as last week which is sort of giving me sleepless nights already. I had difficulty moving my arms on Tuesday, but I guess that’s the penalty for going on holiday (must keep up with my core work in future!) Brilliant session, great group so let’s keep helping each other. Has anyone started to feel any improvement this term yet?

Social run from Thirsk and Sowerby Leisure Centre at 19:00 (meet in foyer) on well-lit paths and pavements. Suitable for all abilities; there will be several stops to run back/regroup, no-one runs by themselves or gets left behind. New and returning Tuesday night runners always welcome.
Route to be decided on the night, around 5 miles. Please wear high vis if you have it.

6.45. Athletic Club. For the next three weeks there will be no school on the Wednesday nights. It will concentrate only on speed endurance (no core work) and will consist of a light warm ups with 30 plus minutes of intervals/speed work. Hopefully the lights will be on but those with head torches bring them just in case. I can adjust this session for all abilities and distances so don’t be afraid to take part. I am here to help you the best i can, just ask me before we start.

Message from the chair: This week I will hit 950 miles in my 1000-mile challenge.  Thanks everyone for your support. Please see me for tickets for the 25th November at Topcliffe Village Hall, great night out with live band and Fish n Chips all for £20.
My email address is or mobile 07981 783064;

Message from the Head coach:
Quite a few members keep asking me about London Marathon entries, but Fran has sent out the details. There is also another way which could help you gain entry, but it will involve a couple of years running around 60 to 80 miles a week, two good winters at cross country and then running a marathon below the required elite/ best for your age entry time. We have someone in the club who has already done this, I hope your training goes well.

Holidays! We visited five different states, six national parks and travelled 5000 miles. I managed to run almost every other day, but Christine opted out of most runs and made up for this by spending twice as long in the shower! I missed out on a 2 year 5k pb by 5 seconds in a smoke filled San Francisco, did a 4 mile time trial at 10,000′ and did my fastest 5 mile trail run on the Appalachian trail in West Virginia (According to my watch) I even went out early one morning in the dark with my head torch looking for a black bear but I didn’t see one, I’m told they don’t attack you so I felt quite safe. I also achieved my childhood dream of seeing Grand Canyon. We were advised against going down to the river due the heat and time involved so Christine and I managed half way and back, so we were happy with that. What’s more it didn’t even rain. YES. I like the western part of the U S A.

This past weekend I found myself looking after our middle grandchild, JP who is 3. She says things exactly how she sees them and always has an excuse for doing or not doing things as the case may be. We were having a little bit of cuddle time and after a short pause she said, ” I missed my grandma when she was on holiday, but I am happy she came to see me today!” Another short pause then she says, ” I love my baby sister”. More thinking and then she said, ” I love my mummy” then it all went quiet. I gave it while and then I said, “what about Daddy?” She replied, ” I don’t like my Daddy because he keeps trumping!!”  I thought it was not the best time to ask what she thought of Grandad Rob.

Have a good weekend, Rob.  Head Coach

Stockton 5k Winter Trail Series is good, usually 10am start,.  All near to Stockton
Nov 26th – Cowpen Bewley Nature Reserve
Dec 17th – Preston Park
Jan 21st – Wynyard Woodland Park
Feb 25th – Tees Barrage
Mar 25th – Ropner Park
Nov 25th – Ravenstonedale 10k – Road, near Kirkby Stephen – nice village race, undulating
Nov 26th – Barnsley 10k – road, undulating
Dec 2nd – Great Langdale 10k – road, undulating
Dec 10th – Leeds 10k Challenge – off road, John Charles Stadium
Dec 17th – Loftus and Whitby Poultry Run – mostly road, hilly.  All prizes dressed poultry!
Dec 31st – Jolly Holly Jog, Ripon, multi-terrain
Jan 7th – Stuart Pailor Memorial Race (Old Monks Race), about 5 miles, multi terrain – Hart near Hartlepool

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