Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 12/12/16

Monday 12th December. 7pm Thirsk School. gym.  The last training session indoors this year. Andy will be taking it but never quite said what he is doing. He hinted it would be easy however he was smiling when he said it!! Sonja is still recovering from the time trial on the track last night!!

Wednesday 14th December. 7pm Athletic Club. Christmas Handicap.   The race will start in the Station car park from 7.20pm onwards. Please could the volunteer time keepers please be in place 10 minutes before the start.
All handicaps have been worked out ( and the prizes collected) but you must have done 2 time trials in the past term to win the trophy. Anyone can run and all those who do will get a prize. Please keep to your start times, if you miss it don’t blame the time keepers. Please also bring a few nibbles for supper and join us all for presentation in the Athletic Club shortly afterwards.
Last night seemed to have been a success and I’m especially proud of the way you all responded. I asked you all to line up for an handicapped 800 metre time trial. Not one complaint before hand and you were all too shattered for one afterwards. Thanks for being so positive. You can’t beat positive vibes in a group situation, everyone benefits and I hope all you times improved to show it!! Did you all enjoyed it.
 Lakes. I called the Bridge last weekend to check on the room situation. To date 21 rooms had been booked and only 2 were remaining. It’s 49 weeks before we go again so it’s a good job you didn’t leave it until last minute. If there are quite a few of you out there who would still like to go then please get in touch with me. I’m getting on quite well with the owner and I have a bit of a deal going on. I’ve also given him a tip or two on how to grow bigger carrots!
Today I have been cutting hedges. Yes, it was raining and yes, I did get wet through. It goes with the job. For a change I was working on my own which is not always a good thing. Time seems to go that little bit slower and the mind begins to wander. I was thinking about last night and seeing all the shattered, smiley faces on the finish line and how you looked to have enjoyed it! Well, I don’t mind admitting it but this year running has not gone very well at all, for a short spell around the 16th June I contemplated giving up the sport altogether ( for two days anyway ) I guess I have had a mild sort of depression. I have not so much been missing the running but actually missing what running does to me. I love competition and i love a good workout. Biking or swimming doesn’t do it. So, I’m cutting this hedge but my mind is up in Kilburn woods. I’m climbing up and down steps but I’m actually marking out each little section, each little turn and each little hill in the wood just like you would in a time trial or a race. The most remarkable thing is I didn’t have a single ache or niggle anywhere. Before I finished cutting the hedge i must have run a four mile section of the woods at least five times. At 1pm I’d had enough.( I was p, very wet ) I put all my gear in the Ute, drove home and quickly changed into my running togs and to Kilburn woods i went. I ran it exactly as I had while cutting the hedge, ticking off all the sections in my mind one at a time. The last mile or so i imagined i was in a race and collapsed in a heap in the car park just beyond the barrier. I can’t really explain how much that one session meant to me but If you are a runner, then I don’t need to.

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