Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 12/06/16

Monday 13th June. 7pm

Entrance to Kilburn woods. This is on the road between Bagby and Kilburn, on the left hand side just after the last big climb shortly past the White Houses, roughly 10 mins from Thirsk. I suggested we did a few hill reps but actually it’s not much more than a slight slope. We can run up 5-6 times and when fully warmed up we can do 5-6 x downhill, you’ll like this last one because it will give you speed you never dreamt you had!! If you are new to running or just a little bit frightened of the session then don’t be, I’ll set it up so you can all get a good work out but still have enough energy to get back to the car. When we get really good i can take you further up the hill, then we can practice some single track speed work on slightly steeper climbs where my brother and I used to train. ( It was just after the wheel had been invented I hear you say!!) Yes, it was a long time a go. Parking is in short supply so maybe car share or even cycle, you can take the bike right into the woods where we set up.

Wednesday 15th June. 7pm Athletic Club.

I know there is a race tomorrow night (16th) but Peter is doing such good work and he promised a low key workout just to stretch us out, I’ll put a gentle run session together and we’ll finish all relaxed and ready to go.

Just a note Mums and Dads but two younger members went AWOL half way through the session last night and we all know the rules. I’m not really angry, just a little sad – all that natural talent going to waste. Please have a word before next training session.

Thursday 16th June 7.45pm Sowerby, Thirsk. HDSRL fixture.

Also a club championship race. You will like this one. You must wear a club vest and also a league chipped number (see Dunc ) Please help other club runners to the start or point them in the right direction. A section of grass in the first field is slightly overgrown so a bit of stomping may have to be done, send those with the biggest feet first then all should be fine. A few dock leaves could also come in handy because I think there are a few nettles peeping out as well.

Gosh, today has been a challenge. I’m not blaming Peter but after last night I was wishing the clock to get to tonight. I don’t really ache but just totally washed out. I think I managed somewhere between 80-90% of what we were asked to do but I think I’m at the age I just can’t do it at the same intensity anymore. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it just seems to take more out of me. The run went great, point two five of a mile is roughly 400 meters, not 250 which was a relief and by some miracle the lap was exactly 400 meters long. If you timed your laps you can work out your speed, it should have been faster than your 5k pace. Well done to such a large and enthusiastic turnout. Last night was the first time I’ve been able to push my body to It’s max for about 10 weeks and I don’t know why but I did enjoy it. I hope there is some left for next Thursday night!!

I’m not going to say too much but I fancy England to do good.

I’m going for a cold bath before Christine gets back from her gym session,

See you all in Kilburn Woods, Rob

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