Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 10/07/16

Monday 11th July 7pm. Athletic Club.

More fun and games similar to last week. Sonja is away for yet another spot of hill training (along with Suni) but she found faith in me ask if I could stand in. I’ll try and do my best as usual so lets hope it doesn’t rain because I dare not ask you all to lay on the floor, I’m frightened you will all go home!!

Wednesday 13th July 7pm Athletic Club.

A little core work followed with a few long reps. This week it was 8 x 3 mins with long recoveries, it worked well with all groups and abilities. It is also working better with a larger track so Andy and I will try and get a 400 metre track marked out for the next session, this will help you all to see how fast you are running. I hope you are also enjoying the short cut surface, It feels so good to run on.

Sunday 10th July. 2pm Kilburn 7( and bits)

This is a club championship race and you can enter on the day. It doesn’t matter which way around you run this one because it is hilly either way, however you will run in an anticlockwise direction and hit the first hill after a mile. It remains up and down a bit like this to the finish but your main problem will be the heat. Try and keep in the shade at all times and keep well hydrated. There is a Well at the cross roads at Coxwold (on the right hand side) this is spring water so it safe to bathe in and I would think you will only lose a few seconds to dunk in it – if it is hot it will be worth the detour.

Christine is now up to full training but we sort of hoped we would have been at this point a few months ago. She wouldn’t run in Iceland because it was too cold and in Africa it was too hot so hence the delay. Next month in Italy it is the Mountain championships so lately we have been doing hills. Christine doesn’t much like hills but prefers them to being on the flat and along with buckets full of will power and determination we are slowly getting there. I don’t really tell her what to do but I sort of suggest a few things. I know she will always take the easiest option so I have to suggest a target just slightly out of reach and she will work at it week after week until she gets there. ( stubborn as well) In the Ute we have a diary and after each session down go the times, the temp, wind and how she feels etc. I see the excitement in her face when she has a good run and I see the sadness in her eyes when she has a bad one. Then she tells me “I’m not serious like everyone else”. Gosh, she’s hard work at times!!

See you Sunday, Rob

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