Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 10/04/16

Mon 11th April 7pm Athletic Club.

Sune will take the session once again ( isn’t she good?) , yes it will be tough but you will get a lot from it. One day the sun will shine and you’ll enjoy it that much more!

Wednesday 13th April. 7pm Athletic Club.

Peter once more will take us ( isn’t he good too?) The weather has not been good and even the rugby players were against us but I believe it was just a one off ( until the next time!!) Stephan and Paul G have come forward to help out. The running session is ; 10 x 1 minute / 1 minute recovery. I’ll be doing the same session but I might miss out the exercises.

Just a thought but the Wed 27th April ( Redcar 5k ) could double up as a monthly time trial which means Steve can run as well.

Wasn’t last Sunday good? Hartlepool. I didn’t get time to be bored, there was too many yellow vests about to relax. What a brilliant turn out. Haven’t you all noticed the harder I train the Faster Graham seems to get, If he keeps improving like he is doing then I should be in pretty good shape by about July. But then isn’t that what competition is all about? Not only Graham but Becky, Paul A and Rob gave me good hammering last week end, I remember these little things in life.

All those taking part in a Spring marathon these next few weeks, good luck and hopefully you will enjoy the day. Run like the wind and may your dreams run with you. Just for the record I don’t envy you one little bit but I will be thinking of you all the same. Please let me know how you do.

I see for all you Buttermere fans the bookings are now open and have you been watching the tv drama on a Tuesday night ? ( the A word.) I could tell by the colour of the water where it was!! And talking of tv, our very own running vet Julian is back this coming week, also on Tuesday. Please remember, he is not wearing make up!!

Who mentioned rain? See you soon, Rob

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