Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 09/01/17

Monday 9th Jan 7pm Flatts.  Cycle track behind the swimming pool.   Lets hope it’s dry!

Wednesday 12th  Jan 7pm Thirsk school. Sports Hall. A couple of weeks before Christmas Peter asked everyone present if they wanted to run faster. The reply was a 100% yes, honest!. Let’s assume he wasn’t asking us what we wanted for Christmas but running faster just doesn’t happen, you have to make it happen. Over the next few weeks the training sessions are going to get just that little bit harder, all specifically designed for you to help you run that little bit faster. So that you get the maximum accumulative effect it is important you attend most if not all the training sessions. Remember, you don’t get anything for nothing in running and if you want to be the best you can be then I’m afraid there are no short cuts. If there were then I would have been the guy to have found them! Good luck!
Fran has done a brilliant job over the  Christmas break of keeping you all in touch of all the goings on, everyone seemed quite busy. I hope Santa was very kind to you all! Christine and I had the grand kids for a couple of days which was brilliant. I spend most of the time reading stories and telling tales.  On boxing day we took them for a walk in Kilburn woods which i’d hope would have been quite exciting.  The youngest one fell asleep, the middle one fell over and had to be carried and the oldest one wasn’t quite sure whether there was going to be any wolves or not so movement was quite restricted. It took 2 days to tidy up after they left so yes, we had a fantastic time!  Next year we hope to stay with them.
A couple of months ago I met up with an old friend and training partner Charles, he is currently knocking out around 80 miles a week and is in pretty good shape. He also owns Northern Runner, a specialist running shop.  I happened to mention (as always) that I wasn’t going too good and to my surprise a couple of days later I found a brand new pair of running shoes in our log store with a note saying “try these”.  I love this type of sympathy.  Try them I did and over a few weeks I have managed to build up to 5 or 6 mile a couple of times a week.  The shoes are called Hoka, a little bit chunky but they have stopped me having lower back problems.  I wore them at the J H Jog.  I spent the 1st mile trying to stay relaxed and smooth, the 2nd mile thinking, why can’t people run trail and country efficiently and then I spent the next 4 miles trying to catch Lorraine.  Not to be thinking about injury or any other negative stuff must have meant they had been fine.  I had mentioned that I did found them a bit clumsy for out and out fast road running.  A couple of days later and another visit to the log store I found another pair of brand new running shoes.  I tried these out on Christmas Eve in Kilburn Woods and I loved them.  However, neither pair, after looking at the forecast would be suitable for Captain Cooks.
I phoned Charles once again and asked if he had the lighter road shoe with a good tread, which he did so I asked him to bring them on New Years day.  I put them on shortly before the start and they went pretty good.  Brisk and relaxed on the bottom road section, climbed strongly on steep section, a little bit rusty on the descent and a strong plough through the mud to the finish.
For those who ran Captain Cooks and were maybe a little bit disappointed in your position then don’t be.  It was probably one of the strongest field of runners you are likely to get at local level.  Just be proud of what you achieved.  Why does everyone keep mentioning the mud?  I thought the toughest bit was the climb on the road section on the way down!
I wonder what Charles would recommend for cross country in a couple of weeks time?

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