Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 05/06/16

Monday 6th June. 7pm Athletic Club.

Next to the Club house.

Wednesday 8th June. 7pm Athletic Club.

Hopefully on the cricket field as last time, we do get spoilt from time to time.

A few core exercises followed by 4 x 5mins/ 2.5 mins recovery. Fast efforts, long recoveries.


Last Tuesday night was not a pretty night but we did have 36 finishers in all that wind and rain. T & S Harriers is not made up of fair weather runners and Tuesday night proved it. One or two may have regretted it once they had run up the hill but I think I can say well done to you all. Just to let you know it wasn’t a very good night to watch but tucked away behind that hedge I quite enjoyed watching you all amble past!!

Now it’s over to us. 16th June. Sowerby.

The course will be 2 laps of trail running with a mixer of grass, track and gravel but it will be flat and as near as 5 mile in distance as Duncan and I can make it. For those who ran last year, it is the same course. Details are all on the HDSRL web site. This year we are using the Auction Mart as the base, here there is plenty of car parking space, toilets and supper after the race. This year there is no need to make sandwiches, cakes etc as they are all being provided at the Auction Mart. Please note the same day is also market day so please be careful where you get changed and the smells may be just a little bit different to what you are used to.

Duncan ( race director) will be sending out an email but he does require a hand full of marshals to make sure everyone goes in the right direction, help getting to the start and so on so let him know if you can help. (The football is in the afternoon ) I have volunteered to help him put out the signs but a couple more helpers would come in handy as Duncan has a bad leg at the moment and we shouldn’t expect too much from him, he is a man under pressure. We no longer need time keepers, long funnels and miles of tape, this new chip timing is brilliant. If you need a number then see Dunc before the night, if you need a vest then I do all Monday and Wednesday training sessions and I can bring them with me.

A few weeks ago I told a little porky, I said I was 5kg overweight. Well, it was actually 6kg but now I’ve lost 4kg and I’m feeling much, much better. Gosh, this slimming stuff is hard work, it’s worse than working.

Keep smiling, take care and see you soon, Rob

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