Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 04/09/16

Monday 5th September. 7pm Athletic Club.

Sonja is back from her recent mountain experience. I’m not too sure whether she enjoyed it or not but I bet she enjoyed the view once she reached the top. Maybe she will tell you about it one day!!

Wednesday 7th September. 7pm Thirsk School.

We are now back to winter training. If the weather is fine we will probably be be outside however the changing rooms, toilets etc are all there to be used. Training; a little core work followed by 5-6 x 4 minute efforts with shorts recoveries. Please try and make sure your shoes are clean if we go inside.

Sunday 4th September. Tholthorpe 10k. 11am Start.

Yet another club championship race.. ( they seem to have come thick and fast lately but you can have a bit of a rest after this one)

Last night was the summer handicap and the first on the track behind the squash courts, our usual field was full of potatoes. I think it made a refreshing change!! Thanks to Stopwatch Steve for working out the handicaps and marking out the course, to Paul for swapping his shift behind the bar and to those who came to help time keep so others could run. Nikki won the race but didn’t know it, this made the presentation a little more exciting. Only 4 days earlier Nikki had run in the world Masters Mountain running championships in Italy on what I thought was the toughest course yet in its 15 year history and then more or less getting off the plane to run last night made it even a little more remarkable. Who said red wine wasn’t any good for you!

Mr Grumpy rides again!!

Last night after the presentation there was a mass exodus towards the exit door with plates, glasses, food etc just abandoned for others to tidy up and put away. That’s fine as long as there are others to do the work but when it comes to the same handful each and every time I just get a little p’d off. I brought this up at the last monthly meeting where I was told if wanted people to help, then I must ask. Well, my grandchild is 4 years old and if I want her to tidy up then I ask her and mostly she does. However, once she gets to senior school I would hope I don’t have to ask her and I would hope she will understand about cleaning up after herself. Her inheritance depends on this ( I will tell her when she is 10) But then she does believe in fairies and magic and sometimes I think so does everyone else.

See you all soon, Rob

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