Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 04/01/16

Monday 4th January – 7pm – Flatts

Next to Swimming pool. A touch more core work followed by a few strides on the footpath. I guess it will be time for us to show what Santa brought!!

Wednesday 6th January – 7pm – Thirsk School Sports Hall

Core work followed inside by some lung expanding sprints.

Outside group. 3 x ( 2 x 3 mins/ 1min rec) 2 mins between sets. Please come expecting quite a good work out!! We will all ache after this one.

For those who couldn’t quite keep it going last year then maybe this is the time to give it just one more try!

Friday 1st Jan – 11am – Captain Cooks, Club Championship Race

5 mile / 1034′ climb I should think there will be quite a large turn out so to avoid queues, arrive early. There is also a junior race but you don’t do the big climb.

This race is classed as fell race but I would say almost half of it is on the road. If you have not run this before then most of the climbing is in the first half of the race, the last 200 metres of the climb possibly being the toughest you will encounter anywhere! You will need a stud to climb it but you are all strong enough so no need to worry. It is hoped you will all run out over the top because this is where they like to take a photo!! The descent is not too steep but early on it will be slippery so stay down the centre, you will be less likely to trip over anything and it will also stop runners coming past. Equally, if someone is holding you up keep nudging them on the ankle but don’t forget to say sorry as you go past!! ( It’s in the rules, my brother Mervin told me) Once you hit the road you need to the keep pace going for probably a mile, it is downhill and very fast so lets hope for no ice. You get a steep little climb just before you go onto the country again then it’s downhill through ankle deep mud to the finish. Just about right for New Years day.

Hopefully you are all looking forward to 2016. The challenge is all ready set up for you, you just have to step forward and get hold of it. I don’t really like the word resolution because it would imply what you did in 2015 was wrong, I’d rather just like to say I want to do same again in 2016 but just that little bit better.

All the best for 2016, see you next year, Rob

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