Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 02/10/2017

Party Time. Sat 30th Sept. Fountains parkrun. 8.45am. photo shoot in front of the Abbey. Runners, volunteers, kids, dogs or anyone connected with T & S H. Lets have you all on. Yes, you can wear your club vest. Be proud of who you are and what you do. There will be few surprises so don’t forget to call in at the cafe afterwards. I expect there will be few pb’s, sb’s, a few first timers and a few few old timers too. Enjoy your run.

7pm Race course. Again another fun time so don’t be late. Please make sure you remove your car from the race course just after midnight or you will have to wait until Monday before you can collect. It appears they have a fob timing system too. Enjoy your night.

Monday 2nd October. 6.45pm School gym. More of the same and it’s working well.

Wednesday 4th October. 7pm Athletic Club. No timing lock but please still arrive early. There will be no core work but a slightly lengthened run, 24 minutes of intervals with rolling recoveries, ie similar to a couple of weeks back. Those with head torches please bring them but don’t worry if you don’t have one. This session will suit all abilities and will work for what ever you are training for, all you need to do is adjust the intensity.

Brilliant work at the cross country relays, a good turn out and plenty of help. Maybe next year we can make sure races don’t clash and we can give it a little more support. Well done Duncan and your happy band of helpers.

Time trial. Brilliant turn out again and some fast times, i said there would be. Thank you volunteers once again. There are only three rules for time trials. 1. you set off on your own. (It’s a time trial remember!) 2. run on the left hand side then if you have to pop onto the road then you are facing the traffic. It will also help prevent us running into one another. 3. Wear a hi-vis vest, a light coloured top still looks dark on a dark night no matter what type of washing powder you use. I am responsible for your safety during this session.

I ran lockton loop at the week end. My passion has always been for trail and fell and I just fancied doing it simply because I could. But then I wasn’t thinking about the mud! What used to be my strength now seems to be my weakness. It now seems i can’t run through mud and my energy just goes in no time at all. I ran the last couple of miles with someone around half my age and he thanked me at the finish for helping him run the last, long hill. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I wasn’t helping him but I was actually trying to get past him and he still beat me. I don’t know his name but I took a good look at him, i now know what he looks like and I’ll have him next time!! I’d like to say I enjoyed the race but I didn’t, I even doubted whether I would finish at one stage. These hills maybe don’t get steeper but they certainly seem to get longer. I was so shattered I fell asleep having my cold bath afterwards.

See you Saturday, bright and early ( well, early anyhow!!) Rob

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