Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 02/10/16

Monday 3rd October. 6.50 pm Thirsk School Gym.

If you came last week, then it’s more of the same. Building slowly.

Wednesday 5th October. 6.50pm Thirsk School. Sports Hall.

Both the Gym and the Sports Hall are empty at the moment before we start so it seems sensible to arrive a little early and get off to a flying start. We can fit in a bigger session, come Christmas you will be getting the benefit from it!!

Don’t forget your headtorch if you want to run the outdoor interval session.

Sunday 2nd October. a Club Championship Race. Levisham Limping. 10.30am. 6.1 mile 1000′

Nothing too severe but watch the first climb, it’s a long one. It seems even longer when you run it so don’t start too fast. There is long, steady climb later on which will decide how the points are shared. The finish will warm you up too. I like this one but sadly no longer do my legs.

Also on the same day our home fixture of the North Yorkshire/ South Durham crosscountry relays. These are being held on the Flatts behind the swimming pool.

These start from 1pm.Juniors 8yrs upwards. Ladies 2pm Men 3pm.

Duncan still requires help to mark out the course, starting at 11am. There is no limit as to the number of teams so you can all run if you want. There will be at least 15 other teams present so we need to look good. Duncan has everything under control and I’m sure all will be fine.

In the old days it would have been difficult to know which of the above races to choose from, I’d really liked to have run them both. I’m sure quite a few of you would also have liked to do them both also. It would have been such a big decision I would have had to have consulted my brother Mervin (our lad!!) The answer is quite simple, in those days our Sunday long run was around 16 mile and if you add the total mileage up for both races it only comes to just above 8 mile. You’ve guessed it, we would do both. ( and often did.) This year I’ve opted to do the relays because anything longer than 3 miles I tend to fall over and not feel very well for a while. Levisham Limping would finish me off. I was quite happy to put my name forward to Duncan and have a steady amble round for a couple laps but we have a little problem, our lad is also going to run! I’m not really bothered whether he gets a faster time than me ( oh, yes I am!!) or not, I’m just a bit worried whether we’ll get finished in day light.

Which ever of the above you do, I wish you all a good run and hope you go like the wind. If you can help at the relays then it would me much appreciated.

Have fun, keep smiling and see you soon, Rob

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