Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 01/02/16

Monday 1st February. 7pm Thirsk School Gym

I know Sonja is enjoying what is fast becoming quite a challenge. Each week she is making it just that little bit harder but with such a large group it’s difficult to arrange whatever equipment we use. Last week I seem to remember she was going to try something different this week,I wonder what it will be?

Wednesday 3rd February 7pm School Sports Hall

This time it will be something different but I’m not going to tell you what, you’ll have to come and see to find out!!

Outside group. 3, 4, 5, 6 / 1min recovery.

A note from Rob…

I’m struggling for time this week and United are shortly on the tele, surely we’ll get a win this time!

Just remember, running is the easy bit. It’s when you put on a watch, then it becomes how far and how fast.

And can you handle the pressure.

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