Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 27/08/18

7pm Athletic Club. Yes, it’s bank holiday but we are still having a go. Last week was fun week with a little bit of laugh and quite a lot of wet but the Brown family may be having a week off to recover! Thanks to Jane for bringing them along. The Mrs Brown in my team may never be the same again. I did notice however how much core condition we have lost in the past few months, so we will slowly start to build on this over the next few weeks. Now is the time of year to work on body strength/condition and slowly increase mileage. The cross countries are just around the corner.

Social run from Thirsk and Sowerby leisure centre at 7pm (meet in foyer). Mostly off road depending on the weather. Suitable for all abilities; there will be several stops to run back/regroup, no-one runs by themselves or gets left behind. New and returning Tuesday night runners always welcome.
Route to be decided on the night, around 5 miles. Please wear high vis if you have it. Trail shoes not essential but can be worn if you have them.

7’ish pm for a 7.20 start

Summer Handicap. Wass Woods. (two mile) Meet at the forest entrance immediately at the top of the climb, Western side. The start is half a mile into the wood which you will reach by going clockwise. Use this as your warm up. The finish is at the entrance and the start is next to a tree but I need to measure the course again to see exactly which one it is. A silver birch springs to mind but there are quite a few of those kicking around as well. There are two small climbs, the first shortly after the start and the second which is the steepest a little later but both are in the first half and then it’s down hill’ish all the way to the finish. You are all capable of running it all easily. The track is sound and firm so whatever shoes you wear will be up to you. Trail shoes will have no more advantage than road shoes so I would wear the ones you feel more the most comfortable in. Please could we have a couple or three to help with the time keeping remembering you will only have around 10 minutes to get to the finish after the last one has started. This is easily achievable by remembering which way you entered the wood.

For those who have done a time trial this summer then your handicap time will be on file. Those who have not and would like to run then just turn up and you will be slotted in as fairly as we can however only those who have run a time trial can take the winners trophy. (please could the winner from last year bring it back!) Everyone who takes part will receive a prize and these will be given out at the forestry entrance after the run. Everyone who wants to run will get a run, how fast you run is entirely up to you.

– Tholthorpe 10k – fast, slightly undulating road race. 11am start
Drink stations at 3.5k & 7k

Message from the chairman:
Today I’ve completed with my family including my father (who is 80 this year) the 6 Dales Trail from Otley to Middleham 38 miles. Raising £1,500 for Great North Air Ambulance and Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team.

Along its 38-mile length, the trail crosses the 5 watersheds that separate the six dales that give the trail its name. From Wharfedale it crosses into Washburndale, then into Nidderdale, Colsterdale, Coverdale and finally Wensleydale. The terrain traversed by the trail varies from quiet steep pastures to high heather moorland, from stretches alongside fast-flowing rivers to stretches through the 18th century parkland surrounding the ruins of Jervaulx Abbey.


Special thanks to Marian and her team for putting on a very successful Sessay Swift for another year. Thirsk and Sowerby had 40 runners (17% of the overall field) which is great to see.


Message from the head-coach:
It’s 8.27am and I’m lined up outside the fairy-tale castle along with around 100 other people. It’s about a 600-metre dash to the Princess Pavilion and today we think it might be Snow White! I have Clementine strapped into the buggy and the rest of the family are spread out along the start line, seven of us altogether. We’d already had two top ten finishes in the past two days but this time we’re going for gold. What else would you be doing on your 65th birthday? 8.30 and we’re off. I’m at a disadvantage because I have to use the ramps but once beyond the steps it’s full steam ahead. Dash, there is another start further across from the hotels, but I get there first. It turned out to be Cinderella, but the kids didn’t mind. Who said Euro Disney wouldn’t be fun? In the next hour we had a ride on a flying elephant, sat on a wooden horse and I kept my eyes closed for the whole while as we shot around Space Mountain not to mention the cuddle Cinderella gave me. At 9.30 it was next for breakfast with Mickey, Goofy and Donald Duck. The kids loved it and so did Grandad Rob. Yes, they get tired and a little bit grumpy, but the children do too so then it’s time for a rest and something to eat, then we get up and we do it all over again.


Saturday 8th September – Stockton 10k –

Sunday 23rd September – Kirkstall Abbey 7. 7 mile multi-terrain, mostly flat course starting and finishing within the spectacular grounds of Kirkstall Abbey –

Sunday 30th September – Redcar festival of running. Various distances.

Sunday 14th October – Richmond Castle 10k 11am

Sunday 21st October – Whixley 10k. 11am. Nice multi-terrain race

Sunday 28th October – Sean Lee Johnston 10-mile race. Mostly off road


Sept 2nd – Tholthorpe 10k – fast, slightly undulating road race. Sun am
Sept 30th – Lockton Limping Fell Race. 7 miles, 1083 ft climb. Sun am e.o.d
Oct 7th – Bridlington Half Marathon – road. V. undulating. Sun am
Nov 4th – Guy Fawkes 10 – road race. 4 significant hills! Sun am
Nov 18th – Preston Park cross country
(e.o.d – enter on the day, at race)

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