Rob’s weekly blog and next weeks training (w/c 30/6/14)

Monday 30th June. 7pm Athletic Club. 
No Horse racing this week so it should be business as usual.  Light core work and strides.
Tuesday 1st July. 
HDSRL Handicap to be held at Ripon. See the league web site. This week there is no Club transport and it would be a good idea to check your handicap start time. You might be starting much earlier than you usually do so you might want to set off from home quite a while earlier to be at the start in time. If you feeling in good shape in an handicap race it is best to go hard from the start. You will not gain time later in the race, everyone else will be latching on to someone else. Give it a go and see how you feel.
Wednesday 2nd July. 7pm. Athletic Club.
I will make a good session up but it just depends on how many turn out. We will probably have two groups because I think 1 or 2 of you will be just a little bit tired by now!!
There is also the beginners group which seems to be going from strength to strength. Keep encouraging and wish them well.
Christine and I have been in Iceland running under the midnight sun and it went quite ok.( very ok) Christine said we should now be training for our next major race which is in Austria and we should be doing some hill training! I took her into Kilburn woods this afternoon and we did a couple of circuits around Hood Hill.This is her first time ever off the main trail.  When we start talking to one another again I’ll tell you whether she enjoyed it or not.   
There might be something happening next weekend! Did someone mention a bike race??

See you soon,

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