Rob’s Weekly Blog – a shock to the system!

This is the last week before half term.   I hope all you new members are enjoying being with the Harriers. It is good to see so many smiling faces.

Monday 21st October  7pm Thirsk School Gym.  
Please bring your foam roller, towel, tennis ball, cuddly toy, etc
Polite Notice;  It is a large group now (nothing wrong with that!) and it gets a little bit noisy from time to time. Could we just keep it a little bit quieter when Sonja is trying to tell us what to do. Otherwise, have fun.

Wednesday 23rd October 7pm Thirsk School. Sports Hall.
We are almost half way through our autumn programme now and you should all be improving. Last week saw a big improvement from a month ago. Over the next few weeks we will slowly increase the amount of work we give you. This week Greg (Thanks Greg) will be taking the early part of the training in the Sports Hall. I am sure we are all going to experience what could be called, a shock to the system!! But you can all do it, be positive and go for it.( Don’t forget to smile, it’s supposed to be fun!)

Inside group run.  Paul continues to work on your lungs. I can tell by the way you all crawl out of the Hall afterwards.
Outside group run.  2x (6 x1min/1min rec ) 3min between sets. Not quite such a big amount but slightly faster. Don’t forget your head torch!

All those running tomorrow, especially those at York. Enjoy your day. (Is it really fun running a marathon?)
Xmas dinner. Have you all handing in your money as there are very, very few seats left. ( Maybe none)

I’m going into Wass woods for my run in the morning so I might see some of you there.


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