Rob’s Weekly Blog – training w/c: 25/11/13

Last night was possibly the worst weather I have ever trained in. Surely it can only get better from now on! I’m at the age now where if it isn’t fastened on securely it could drop off and last night was like making anything drop off.

Lakes. 22nd November. Harriers training weekend. Lake Buttermere. Bridge Hotel ( Steve )   15.00hrs Steady run around the Lake. Anti-clockwise. See you there.
Monday 25th Nov   7pm School Gym. Similar to last week but a little bit harder!! Sonja made a comment last week about us maybe not being quite so competitive as we get older. Then I wonder why most of us have a watch when we run and why are the classes getting bigger the harder they become.
Wednesday 27th November. 7pm School Sports Hall.  First half inside. Second half.  2 mile time trial. Station Road. I am expecting a large turnout so get out there and give it some wellie. Steve would like some help with time keeping (Not if your name is Joey Essex) so if you are sick, lame or just  fancy a rest then you are just the person. It is your last chance to do a time trial  before the Christmas handicap. (18th Dec). I have managed to secure a major sponsor for the main prizes so it is requested you do at least one time trial before hand. It is usually two time trials to qualify but I am aware of all the new members joining and I think it is only fair you should take part as well. Remember it is Christmas.
Remember, It’s not just about winning or PB’s (oh yes it is), It’s about being the best we can be at any given time. It doesn’t matter how fast you run or how old you may be. Its about doing the best you can do.

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