Rob’s Weekly Blog: 09/11/13

Monday 11th November.   7 pm Gym Thirsk School.
Sonja will probably require you to bring the usual foam roller, tennis ball, cuddly toy etc so don’t forget.
Wednesday 13th November.  7pm. Sports Hall.
Greg will continue to take the first part of the session. I hope you are all enjoying it.!!
Paul will continue with the running inside and the outside group will be doing 6 x 3mins/ 1 min recovery.
Just remember whichever you choose, it is never easy. You just get better at it. Be positive and give it your best. I know you are all enjoying it because I see your smiles as you leave for home.

With Paul, Sonja, Greg and myself you now have well over one hundred years of running experience taking the sessions. You get variety, fun and hopefully you are all improving. Don’t be afraid to ask if you need a little help. We might be able to give you that little nudge you need to get to next level.

Club Championship Race. Clay Bank 10.30 this Sunday( 10th Nov ) 4.2mile  1143′  It will be muddy!!
If you have not done a fell race before this is a good place to start.  Just the right distance to go full out from start to finish and short enough not to get lost. There are 3 climbs, the worst being at the start. Not because its steep, its too early on for me. The best way to approach it is to have a good warm up and start like your first rep on Wednesday night. Once up, the next mile or so is pretty flat. You turn at the far end onto the 2nd hill and the final climb is approx. half way back. The descents are not too technical or too severe but you may fancy dropping off on the shale towards the finish. This is the quickest way down but don’t close your eyes or you will miss it!! Go on, you can do it!!
How was Paris? Chuffing Nora.  It’s just a little bit expensive to say the least but if you shop around its fine. ( the dearest coffee we found was £14 with £2 extra for the milk)
We stayed near the Opera and it was easy to walk everywhere. If you get up early there are plenty of places to run, not too much traffic and if you require them, plenty of toilets. (These are free) The metro is easy going too. We also really enjoyed the food (and wine), it was fantastic.
For me there were too many paintings and I start to get bored after a short while and the mind wanders. Christine can look in shop windows all day long but it just isn’t my scene.
We did manage to buy two return tickets  for the ballet in the Opera. What a fantastic building. Well worth a visit on it’s own. We had our own little private box. How very posh!! Sadly it was the worst ever ballet performance I’d ever seen. I spent most of the night trying to sleep without falling off my seat.
See you on Sunday,

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