Rob Drills It Home

Half term week so the school is closed but we just keep running!!
Monday 7pm. Meet at the swimming pool.You can park in the pool car park then head south westish past the pool entrance. ( to the right) Sonja will split us into equal ability groups and a chance for some 300 meter drills. It will be well lit so you won’t need head torches but with all this snow about you may need to wear a silly hat.
Wednesday night.7pm  Meet at the athletic club. Time trial night. For those who have not run a time trial before the distance is exactly 2 mile. If we all run down to the station car park for 7.20’ish. . Late arrivals can park down at the station.
Good luck to all those runnimg the xcountry today and all those out tomorrow. I’m thinking of all the mud and water but  at my my age I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
                                                  Keep smiling,
                                                                      se you soon, Rob

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