Record Breakers!!

Monday 1st July.  7pm.  Athletic Club.   
No horses this week so we are back to our grass track at the Athletic Club.

Wednesday 3rd July.   7pm Athletic Club. 
2x ( 8 x 1min/ 1min recovery ) 3 minutes between sets.  Sounds technical but its not. It’s just very, very hard work. If you are just coming back from injury, a beginner or not quite up to full training it would be advisable for you to miss out the 4th and 8th effort in each set. This is not taking it easy, it’s just being sensible. We could also do with a time keeper who can blow a whistle very loud, being able to wave a large white flag at the same time would also be useful. All will become obvious on the night!!


Yet another record broken. 37 finishers at the latest HDRL. I think you will all agree it was a little easier than Richmond but only just. Now it is our turn, no hills. Just hard, flat out pain from start to finish. Nowhere to rest unless you are lucky enough to get caught up in a kissing gate for a couple secs. Sharon will be asking for helpers on the night but if we all muck in, it will not take long.


Come on, lets have a smile!!


see you soon, Rob


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