Rat Racing

Monday 18th March School Gym 7pm.  WK 3 Sune Challenge

Wednesday 20th March School Sports Hall. 7pm Outside 4 x 4 / 2min Rec

A big thank you to all those who took part or helped with the relays. I know it was cold but there were few problems, fast times and plenty of marshalls. For those who feel they missed out, well, there will be a race for you coming along very, very shortly.

Club Championship Race this Sunday.  Lightwater Valley 10k. I hear you can enter on the day and I will be bringing along some club vests. You must wear them to count in the championship. You must also be a fully paid up club member so bring along your cheque book just incase you haven’t signed on the dotted line. It is also a trail run so it may be a touch muddy in places.

Another treat. Gosh, I do spoil you all. I have just acquired the tide times for Scarborough this April, and the only Wednesday that fits is April the 17th.We can all go and have a speed session on the sands. Please put this in your diary. We are trying to organise a minibus or two. Of course there will be fish and chips afterwards.

I did it!!

It’s been raining for almost 24hrs, it’s now turning to sleet, very cold and getting very, very dark. I’m stood on the start line of the Yorkshire Terrier Rat Race 10k (and a bit) Challenge. A shotgun is fired and we are off. It’s uphill and over three piles of straw we scramble. I’m useless but soon get into a steady pace. There are several man, made obstacles throughout the run, named the spiders web, roadworks, maze and so on. This is a rat race and the course is a challenge in itself and we have a long way to go. It’s not long before I come to the first cargo net, placed nicely over a large pool of mud. Onto hands and knees and out the otherside. Wipe the head torch to clear the mud, wow, I can see once more and on we go. Over fields I used to cultivate when I was a lad and into the woods we go. Freshly felled trees, branches and lots and lots of mud. Out the other side and a long, sloping run down to a valley bottom. There is a sharp right turn where I could take a short cut but I respect the runners in front me and I follow them.

Into the valley I go and quickly come to a large spot light which guides me into a reservoir. It’s waiste deep, I don’t know how to tackle it but I push as fast as I can. Near the far side a digger driver, kindly, had dug a deep channel in the floor and for a moment the water is up to my chest. Shock, gasp and I carry on. Out the far side and along a muddy valley covered in roots, stumps and branches, it’s horrible. Now on the forest track but its up hill. My arms are numb with cold, legs are weak but I’m working hard and start to get going again. I can see the top but I am directed off the road in to a large trench. It’s ankle deep at first but before I climb out the other end it is up to my chest. Thick, cold,gooey mud.

I’m told it’s half way but I know, I was born here. I catch someone up, he’s half my age and a lot faster but he is wearing the wrong shoes. I’m wearing solomon xc, they are light, have good grip and fit like a glove so we are even matched. Into the woods once more. In, out. Up, down. We go in all directions. I need him in front of me to show me the way. I clip his heels to make him go faster, and he does. Two lights are better than one, I’m greatful . We pop out the other side of the wood and it’s down hill towards the finish. He takes a wrong turn, I wish he would concentrate, and I smile as I leave him behind! Dash, back he comes and it’s a fight to the finish. It’s mostly mud now, I won’t let him past. I can feel the mud landing on my head and back, thrown from our feet as we decend through the wood. Gosh it’s dark but he’s not coming past. We shoot out the bottom onto the gravel drive. Only one more obstacle to go. Two, 45degree angled ramps, slippy and almost 10feet high. We lean back and pull on a large rope to get to the top. Neck and neck, over together. We hit the ground and only 20 metres to go.                                         
Now this is where it goes a little bit wrong!! This time his shoes had plenty of traction and he beat me easily. Gosh, so much fun.

Stats.   Finished 11th   632 finishers      60.35 mins   1st V50            15minute to get clothing on and stop shivering afterwards.

See you soon, Rob

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