No Exspence Spared As We Get Paul Fresh From Japan

Monday 3rd December. 7pm. Swimming pool car park and just to the right of the entrance. We will be outdoors.
Wednesday 5th December. 7pm. School sports hall. This week, Paul will be taking us. Fresh from Japan and no exspence spared. He said my running is really suffering and I needed his expertise to get me going. Be prepared to have 18/20 mins of effort during your run!!
Winter has arrived and it is slowly getting colder. I don’t mind the cold, I just don’t like being cold. I’d rather train in extreme cold than extreme heat. Before I retired a couple of years ago I used to get up at 4 am in the morning to milk cows ( for 35years) and believe me, some mornings it could be very cold. I used to think the parlour I worked in was the coldest parlour ever, in the world. Not many people know this but you had to be very careful milking cows in very,extreme cold weather. Buttercups teats get very brittle in the extreme cold , one false move and they just snap off!!
I used to find this part of the year, coming up to Christmas the hardest time to motivate my training. However, I do miss running through the villages,in the dark, of Kilburn, Coxwold, Husthwaite, Oldstead and so on. I used to pass the time by counting xmas trees, cars on the road etc. Smells carry better in the cold and you can smell what people are having for tea, smoke from log fires etc. I miss the tingle in the fingers and toes after a couple of miles as the body began to warm up and the sting of a hot shower once you arrive home. Once Christmas arrives, spring is just around the corner and we all get a new lease of life. Away we go again.
I wonder if it will take a spike today!
I was pleased Charlie won last night but I would have gone for any off the last three!!
See you soon, Rob

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