Mondays Get Bigger And The Fun Just Keeps Coming 3 x 5 Mins/ 2 rec. Bring It On!

If you note we now have a change of secretary. Fran has stepped in to replace Gavin who has a big project on at work. Thanks to Gavin for his help in the past and to Fran, thanks and lets hope your pen never runs dry.
Monday 15th October.  Gym 7pm.     This group just keeps growing.  
Wednesday 17th Sports Hall 7pm.
We continue to build and we are now starting to go just that little bit smoother!! We had almost 100 people turn out this last week. Lets keep it going, be positive and if you are struggling a little bit, come to see me and I’ll see if I can help you. Don’t be afraid to ask. Thats how you learn and thats how you improve. I will be sneaking a few extra exercises into the routine as we go through the term! I know you are all up to it!!
Session..   3 x 5Min/ 2 rec.  If you are returning from injury or quite new you may wish to go for a 4 min effort with 3rec. This means you will be able to be part of the same group and still train together.
I know there is a lot going on this weekend. The weather looks good at moment so go out and have a good run. I’ll be at the x country so hope to see you there.
Mr Mouse gave us a visit last night!! Backwards and forwards accross our ceiling  above our heads keeping us awake. I have nothing against him but the sooner he meets Mr Nippy the better!

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