London Marathon and XC Changes

London Marathon Club Places
Ernie has had 5 rejection forms passed to him from Members who applied for the 2012 Virgin London Marathon.We will make the draw at training on Wednesday night and allocate the 3 places we have.Should anyone who has not sent in a rejection note and would like to go into the draw please let Ernie know by e-mail  or telephone before Wednesday and bring their rejection slips to traning.
The following have passed their rejection slips to Ernie.

  • Nik-Sutton Haigh
  • Steve Middleton
  • Chris Sykes
  • Jean Sykes
  • Paul Atkinson.

Please note some changes to xc following the AGM of NYSD xc:-
5th February 2012 Old Race Course, Richmond
19th February 2012 Caedmon School, Whitby. This is now a normal meeting not RELAYS
??? March 2012 XC Relays Date and Venue to be confirmed, Thirsk or Acklam ?

Will members who plan to run at Scarboruogh note that as a result of Phil Utley not being allowed to collect the Club’s running numbers for some strange reason they must be collected on the day and the Club return haned in to the League organisers.
Ernie will go the the meeting early and get the numbers and race returns form, so if you want to run please get there early so he can distribute the numbers and not have a last minute panic.

Thirsk 10 - 2020

Sunday 15th March 2020

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