Kilburn Championship

Here’s the details of the last Championship race on the 2020 calendar. At last!
Thursday 10th December to Sunday 13th December.
Kilburn Woods Trail/ cross country.

3 laps, 600′ of ascent and approx 4 miles long, (1.33 miles/1 lap). Three laps in total and on the last lap turn left and stop your watch a the entrance gate/ car park. This course has a bit and a lot of everything.
It will mark it out with spray marker early next week before the event. You will recognise it as being the first section of the World Mountain race we did this summer.
Start and finish at the forestry gate opening at Osgodby Car Park.
Important: Please see below, a copy of the note previously sent from Helen about recording your times.
Send your times into Trish by email, no later than the end of Sunday, and give yourself a pat on the back for completing the championship for yet another year.

Marc has kindly put together the course map:
Course Map and route description

And previous message from Helen:

Dear all

The committee has been discussing 2021’s championship and the fact that the virtual one will have to continue for the first part of the year obviously. With this in mind we plan to tweak it now we know what we’re doing virtually racing and looking how other clubs do it we are planning a few changes. To help ease these in we would like to trial for the last two championship races of 2020 (2 x country races) we would like to give you a bit of notice that we shall require more formal details of your race route and time. We shall be trialling either the use of a gps running style watch or smart phone that will record your route and time please. We know the vast majority of you already have these and us the various free running apps from Strava, Garmin, Map my Run etc however some don’t have these. To keep it fair and accessible to all if you don’t have these or don’t wish to use these you can run at the same time with another club member who can record it for you which we can do in Tier 2. Then a photo or record on the app of your run can be submitted.

We hope the trial is successful in the 2 remaining races so it’ll make things much easier in 2021 making it accessible and fair for every runner whether club member or guest. Other clubs locally already run this system but as one of the first clubs to start racing virtually we didn’t even think about it at the time!

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter. If this is going to be a problem for you please do get in touch with either Rob as Head Coach or myself Helen and I am sure we can arrange something as we want you all to be able to race!
Best wishes,

Helen, Chair

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