Keep Your Socks On

Mon 25th Feb   7pm Thirsk School. Gym
Wed 27th Feb Thirsk School. Sports Hall.    Outside group    6 x 3min/ 1 Rec.     
Help.  We are hosting the North Yorkshire/ South Durham xcountry league relays on Sunday 10th March on the Flatts, Thirsk. You can all take part, last year we entered several teams. Four in a team for men and three for women. Your team captains will give you more details but they require names before the day so can pick the teams. We also require two level one, first aiders to volunteer to be on duty for the afternoon.  We now have quite a few members qualified to take on such a duty, if available, please let me or Martyn know ASAP.
We had a good turn out for the xcountry last weekend, I hope you all enjoyed it. One or two did mention that they thought it was quite a tough course. I just wondered if there was ever such a thing as an easy one!! Christine and I went down to the old station in Richmond after the race and treated ourselves to a sunday roast lunch. A bit like a reward for doing the run. We like to treat one another from time to time. I can remember one year Christine took me down to the garden centre in Thirsk and bought me a pot of tea and a large fruit scone, I enjoyed every minute of it!
Cold Bath. Yes, I did have my cold bath when I returned home. I nearly always do after a hard race or training session. It helps me to recover quicker, and makes the difference of being able to train the next day or not. Simple as that. I’m not brave, it’s just a matter of doing it. I’ll give you a few tips that may help!!
I always take a hot shower first, at least it removes all the muck and sweat.
Set your watch on 15 mins count down. You may want to start with 5 minutes and then work up to 15 minutes over a few weeks.
Don’t think about it, just do it.
I sit in the bath and turn on the cold tap full on. It takes a couple on mins to fill to your belly button. Once you stop the tap, start your watch. You will feel shock, pain etc for only a short while but it is best to sit very, very still. The slightest ripple will have you gasping.
It is best to have something to listen to. 15 mins is a long while and the water is very cold at this time of year. If the temp is below freezing outside it is best to close bathroom window. I once had a bath and it was minus 10C outside, and the window was open. Perhaps put on a thermal top.
You may need a hand to get out of the bath. Your legs will look very red and you will need a very soft towel, if not, it will be like using sandpaper.
It will take you quite a while to warm back up. I like to sit very close to a big, roaring fire afterwards. It is not recommended if your are planning a romantic night out with your partner. You will spend most of the night shivering and no one likes to cuddle up to a peace of ice!!
                                                         See you soon, Rob

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