Josh Fothergill’s Marathon

At the beginning of the year, Josh Fothergill decided to pay a visit to Hong Kong, but seeing what was happening re covid, he aborted and just got home before lockdown rules set in. He set himself a challenge of running 9.4 miles each day in November in recognition of 94 men who lose their lives through mental health issues each month. No wonder he was in superb form, (or worn out?) to tackle a marathon last Saturday, again collecting sponsorship in aid of charities supporting men’s mental health. He was very fortunate with the weather, as Saturday was a lovely day after persistent rain the previous few days, and wind had also subsided. He began his marathon at World’s End bridge, but not before Olivia Mulligan read a poem she had written in recognition of the event. She accompanied Josh for the first 2 miles and Rob Burn ran with him along the A19 before dropping off at Bagby.

Matt Jones picked up at Balk, Rob Lickley took over at the White Houses, and Marc Davies struggled to keep up as he ran with Josh through Sutton. When Ken Wood took over, he pushed Josh along the way as far as Boltby, seeing Geoff Bullock along the way. Friend, Geoff Pavey was next and Uncle Chris, Uncle Jeff Harvey and Dan did the next stretch with him on bikes as far as Kilvington, passing Andy Butcher on the way. Archie Whitfield then took over, covering 4 miles with him at an average speed of 6.3 minute miles down Newsham Road, with father, Duncan on a bike in front and Uncle Jeff on a bike behind for added safety. James Stephenson was passed at 18 miles, and with Josh smashing all PBs, and he was so far ahead of schedule that Helen Ashworth, club chairman, and Hilary Coventry, were too late to join in.

Martyn Coy took over at the railway bridge at Breckenborough for a tough mile, and as this was on a main road, family cars supported in front and behind. Sam Mann and Ben Mapplebeck took over at Breckenborough School, and Dad Duncan with Teresa ran alongside for a little while to Sandhutton. Dad jumped on his bike again, and younger brother Jacob ran for the 1.5 miles up to Tesco. Brother Matty then took over for the last 1.5 miles to the Sowerby Gateway track and 0.22 miles round the track to get the correct distance, to the finish, where a group of about 80 members and friends, all suitably spaced, were collected there to cheer him in at the finish.

Josh’s time for the 26.22 miles was an amazing 3.03.24. What a fantastic effort, and raising more than £2200 in sponsorship for men’s mental health charities was the icing on the cake.
It is not altogether surprising that Josh didn’t put in an appearance at the virtual cross country at Knayton, which many other members were involved in!

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