Ice Cream and Snow

Hi , I’m back.

I’ve been just a little bit lazy over the last week and I’ve eaten more than my fair share of Italian ice cream so I need to lose a little weight.  It’s time to roll my sleeves up and start getting in some serious gym work!!

Monday night   7pm  Thirsk school.  In the gym.

Wednesday night  7pm Thirsk school. Sports Hall.

We will start off with light circuits to break you gently increasing throughout as the term goes on.This will last for approx 30 mins including warm ups. You will go at your own pace, I will help and encourage and the only target is for you to improve week by week.
Afterwards we will split into two groups. Those who want to train inside and those who want to train out. Each group will do the same amount effort but the outside group will require a head torch ( bring one ) and it could get a little dirty as it is done on grass. Please remember to keep mucky shoes off the freshly cleaned floors. Also remember on time trial nights the club requires you to wear a fluorescent top so see me if you require one. (£4 )
How was Italy!!
The mountains were beautiful but it rained for two days and on the last day we were there it started to snow. However the food and hotel was good and the mountain trail for the race was the best yet but I would say that. It was more like a tough xcountry course than a mountain race, europeans hate coming down but I quite like it.
Venice!! After 3 days I still don’t know whether I liked it or not but I will say it was very, very busy and very, very expensive. Our hotel room was right at the very top in the attic, situated perfect for seeing things but i’m sure it is the smallest room we have ever stayed in. I had to waite for the guy who took our case up to come out of the room before I could get in. If we’d had a full sized bed we’d have had to climb in from the stairs as we went past.
                                see you soon, Rob

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