Head Torch and whistle

Good morning everyone,

What a great night it was last night and how good it was to see all those new faces at the Christmas dinner. Well done to all you trophy winners. Remember, you all worked hard to win them and you all deserve the rewards. For the first time ever all the tickets were sold out.( two months early ) Another record was also broken this last week- we now have 150 members signed on in the year.  
I would like to thank all those who turned out at the Christmas handicap. We had 39 runners, Steve will have the results to you shortly. We  should say congratulations to Adam who was the first back. Guess who is going to be a little porker the next time we see him after he has eaten all that chocolate!! Thanks to all those who helped with the time keeping also.
On Monday school is still open this week, so Sonja will look forward to seeing us all at 7pm as usual.
Wednesday. 7pm. Athletic Club. We can meet as usual, but I won’t be able to keep up with a road group though I am quite willing to take a group on the back field, behind the squash courts. You will probably require a head torch and at least here I can blow my whistle and keep an eye on you!!

Now, if you are thinking of coming to the club for the first time or just  going to give it another go, we look forward to seeing you in the new year. Remember it is a running club and it is a very demanding sport. I always tell people the hardest thing you will ever do is come through the door for the first time. However, once you get into the groove you will enjoy all the rewards of being fit and healthy. Now is always the right time!!
Christine and I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year.   

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