HDSRL in Thirsk this week!

Thank you Marian and Ian for looking after us last night. All that lovely food and what an inspirational garden. ( is it possible to be inspired and jealous all in the same breath? Then I think some of us would have been last night)  From now on you will be known as Marian the Bake and Ian the Garden. A brilliant night.

Monday 8th July.  7pm Athletic Club.     
Did anyone ache a little after all those press ups last week?


Wednesday 10th July.   HDSRL handicap at THIRSK. The first runners set off 7.20’ish. Sharon and Martyn have everything under control and we will be ready. We all  know what we are doing so just enjoy it. If you are running and your favourite colour is blue, then you will have a lovely surprise about half around the race.

 Tomorrow is the next Club Championship race. The Kilburn 7. I think it is going to be a little on the warm side!!

Yesterday was our 39th Wedding Anniversary and I remember it well. Yes, we did get married on the Friday and we spent the next two days travelling by coach and rail to a little hotel in the mountains way up above Innsbruck in Austria. It was 10 minutes to four on the Sunday afternoon when we checked in. Only ten minutes to go before the 1974 world cup finals which were on TV in the hotel lounge. You should have seen Christine’s face when I said we could save a bit of time if she took the cases up to the room while I did the paper work and if she was extra quick I would let her sit on my knee till half time. It didn’t really help when the receptionist said it was in colour as well. It was around then when I found out she didn’t really like football very much!!


 See you tomorrow,



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