Harriers Stop The Rain

Miracles do happen !! Chelsea made the final and it stopped raining last night during our time trial, only just. Shortly afterwards the heavens opened once more. Thanks to all those who turned out. Sorry you didn’t get a view, but maybe the clouds will lift for next time.
The rain just keeps falling. I would think there is enough water about now to make a right good xcoutry course. Before I retired I used to milk 300 cows who occasionally had to graze grass in conditions like this. Imaging all those dilly danglers trailing in the mud!! Not every Daisy or Tulip likes her danglers trailed in the mud and it became quite a challenge removing her twice daily, believe you me. Three weeks of this and it was enough to leave you on the edge of sanity.
Monday (30th) and Wednesday (2nd) Athletic Club. Session depends on conditions but I will explain on the night.
Tuesday 1st May. First HDSRL race which is at Ilkley. (details on the HDSRLwebsite) Cars will leave the Athletic Club at 6pm.
If you have already registered and not collected your number, I now have them. If you want to run and have not registered, you can do so on the night. Please remember you must wear your club vest. It costs the club £5 per person for the series ( and you get a free supper afterwards ), so this is really good value for you all. The runs aren’t bad either!!
The second fixture is at Thirsk on Tuesday 15th May and it is a Club Championship race. With this in mind, we hope most of you will run, however we shall require several marshalls. If you are injured or don’t fancy running, can you please help.
We now have vacancies on the committee, so if you are interested in helping to run your club, please come forward. We need you!! We also need members to form a group to help organize the Thirsk 10 for 2013. Can you please help??
Many thanks, Rob

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