Harriers Hots Up And Acklam

 Hello again,
                   Monday 16th January.   Thirsk gym 7pm
                  Wednesday 18th January. Sports Hall 7pm.
I have enquired about the heating in the Sports Hall, it has now been repaired and is now working as we found out last week. The controlls cannot be altered and is controlled from heaven knows where!!. However, we have permission to train with side doors fully open. Perhaps this week we will have snow and we will need them closing.
Tomorrow, Sunday is the first club championship race of the season. Cross country at Acklam. If you have no number at the moment, look out for your club captain Christine or Mervin, they will point you in the right direction. Dan, I do have a vest for you and I will have it with me if you fancy a run!! If you are worried about footwear I’m sure you will be able to get away with trail or road shoes as long as it stays frosty. It is usually a wet course and long spikes are a must but just go out and enjoy it. Don’t wear too many layers but maybe a pair of gloves will help.
Have a good run and i’ll see you at Acklam

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