Gold Finch

What a beautiful morning!! We have a flock of 20-30 gold finch which call in each morning for a feed, their colours are amazing and I quite enjoy my cuppa seeing them fight for a mouthful of food.
Monday 30th. School gym. 7pm
Wednesday 1st. School sports hall. 7pm   This week our speed session is up to 15 minutes which is the time I achieved on the time trial. Not much to brag about on that one but I was impressed with the number who did run the time trial. Steve has worked your times out and they will be with you shortly. I am aware that wednesday night is quite a big session however you must keep within your limits and work at it a bit at a time. Anyone who is struggling or might need some extra help, advice etc just give me call. I’m sure we can work some thing out and i’d only be too pleased to help.

Yesterday Steve also helped us measure out an accurate 1mile relay lap on the flats.(11th March ) It is going to be quite technical due to the uneven ground, the twists and turns but it will be a good spectator course. From now on I would suggest you practice a short, sharp stride as you trot along which will help you get accross the ground more quickly.
Sometimes you just can’t please anyone!! I went out yeterday and bought Christine a brand new wheel barrow.  I asked her to come and have a look at it when I arrived home and she didn’t seem very pleased at all. It must be the colour she doesn’t like because when I said she could go faster with this one because the wheel was round, she just turned around and walked away.

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