Get Your Hands On A Vest

Mon 11th Feb   7pm Thirsk School.Gym
Wed 13th Feb    7pm Thirsk School. Sports Hall            Outside group     1, 2,3,4, 3, 2, 1  / 1 min rec.
Juniors. Yes, you can now come back. We look forward to seeing you once again. Please make sure you fill in the club membership form, pay the subs and hand over to Hilary when you return. A parent or gardian must be present with you for the whole session. (When I was in my teens, the last thing I wanted to be was to be with my parents!)
Vests.  I do have some new vests. One or two people have asked for them. I also have also handed out quite a few in the past month or so. Some of which are not paid for!!  You know who you are, whats more I know who you are!!  Could you please settle your accounts ASAP. Our new treasurer is chasing me for the cash.
I am still taking names for the trip to Scarborough.   Wednesday 20th February. Numbers are growing well but I need to have a  positive list as I have to book the chippy. They stay open just for us!!
Remeber, the next Club Championship race is the xcountry at Richmond, 17th Feb. Your Club captains will be chasing you down shortly. New members will probably not know but it will cost you nothing to run, just blood, sweat and lots and lots of tears. The club will pay your entry fee. However, you must wear a club vest (  I just happen to have some new ones at this present time, £10 each )
If things are getting you down just a little, well, take a deep breath and think of your next Club training session. I bet you  feel a lot better already!!
                                                                             Go on, have a smile!!
                                                                                                      See you soon, Rob

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