Double Booking And A Missed Chicken Supper!

 The last wednesday in the month is supposed to be the summer handicap but we have a double booking!!. It will now be held the week after, same time, 6.45 for 7 in Wass woods. (September 5th) Please be prompt. For those who get a little anxious about running in the woods at night, they may be better running with someone. This doesn’t mean you have to run holding hands, within shouting distance will be quite suffice. If all else fails bring a whistle. Afterwards we go to Mervin and Carolines for prize giving and supper ( please bring nibbles) .At this moment I would ask you not to mention the chickens. A short while ago they had a visit from a Mr Fox ( sharp teeth, four legs and a bushy tail!!). Sadly there is now only one chicken left and she is spending quite a lot of time sitting at the top of a tree. To her this free range living lark is not quite what it’s cracked up to be. I think not having any feathers covering it’s naughty bits has a lot do with it. I just mention all this just in case some drum sticks turn up for supper, they will have nothing to do with the recent attack on the chicken run!!

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