Cycle Path and Time Trial

Week commencing the 24th october is half term week so we will not be in the School.
Monday 24th October. 7pm. Meet at the swimming pool and we can have a session along the cycle path, either on the path or on the grass. I was hoping to do do up to 10 x 300’s with various recoveries depending on your speed, fitness etc. If you are new to this type of training, we will have a group for you. Just remember it may be a little cold so you may have to put your thermals on! However, we will soon get warmed up.
Wednesday 26th October. 7pm. Can we meet at the Athletic club ( the entrance is around the back for those newer members ) then we will jog down to the station together, using it as a warm up for the monthly time trial. We will run the time trial in reverse, ie. start and finish at the station.

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