Coaching Ladder

Mon 17th September. School 7pm.
Wednesday 19th September. School 7pm.
Please try and arrive early as it is getting dark quite quickly. We need to start as soon as we can. Changing rooms are available each night but whatever the weather on wednesday night we will be outside. The school is pre-booked.
Over the past couple of weeks we have had a few members come forward wanting to start on the coaching ladder. Do we have anyone else interested in taking part? I know the mojority come to harriers to get away from pressures of work and just want to have a good work out among friends. Thats fine and how it should be but we might just have someone who may want to take a coaching course and help start a junior section. At the moment we may be in the process of not being able to allow junior athletes train at the club so is there anyone who may want to help? If so, please have a word with Sonja or myself and we will point you in the right dirrection.
Suni continues to improve on a monday night and already has us eating out of her hands!! Her main worry being that eveyone is older than she is and would they listen to her. I think the best way to think about it is that our minds are all the same age, it’s just our bodies are at different stages of of dis-repair!! Keep going, you are doing fine.
I’ll see you soon, Rob

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