Club Championship 2017

January races.

Jan 1st  Captain Cook’s Fell race, based at Royal Oak, Great Ayton

Jan 15th  Cross Country, Ormesby Hall, no charge to members.  All members elligible and all encouraged to have a go!  About 10k for men, 5k for women.

Jan 29th  Preston park 5k Trail race  £3 to club members. (Part of Tees Trail Race series.  There are parallel 2k races for juniors, 8 – 14 years)

The format of the Club Championship will be slightly different this year.  There will probably be 3 Fell Races, 3 Cross Countries, 3 shorter races of 5 or 6k, 3 longer races (10 miles or more)   3 10ks and 3 Harrogate League races.  In total, there will probably be 20 races to choose from and you must do at least one from each of the above sections, plus any 4 others, 10 races in all. You, can, of course, do all 20 if you want, or any number between 10 and 20!  Your points will be calculated from your best score in each section.
Full rules will be publicised when the complete list of races for the year is sorted out.

The hold up in getting the full programme out is because of lack of information about the Harrogate League races.  As soon as that is available, a full list will be published.

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