Chips are up for Scarborough

Sadly, we have had to cancell our trip to Scarborough, however it is still half term and there is still lots going on.
Monday 18th Feb. 7pm   Flatts, Sowerby. Meet at the swimming pool/car park area. Weather looking good so should be quite safe!!
Wednesday 20th Feb. 7pm Athletic club. We can still have our monthly time trial, but due to Steve being otherwise engaged, we require a time keeper. Any volunteers for setting someone off early.
Yes, people keep asking for vests, and yes, I will have some with me on sunday. You will not score points if you are not wearing your club vest. Ian is very strict on this and his memory and eye sight is still very good. The going should be quite good but I bet there is a strong head wind on the uphill section of the track, there always is. I did hear one or two members were  running both the fell race and the xcountry. Good luck on this but remember, Sonja will not let you off lightly on monday night!!
                                                                     Enjoy your week end and see you at Richmond, Rob

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