Change In Weather Leads To Brass Monkeys

It’s wild and windy once more but at least it’s not snow!!
Mon. School gym 7pm.                

Wed  School sports hall 7pm.  This week it is also time trial week.
Good luck to all those taking part in the Brass Monkey tomorrow.  Have an early night tonight. Start taking the fluids today, trust in your traing, believe in yourself and just go out and do it. Steve and Dan, if it isn’t hurting between 9 – 12 you aren’t trying hard enough!!

Bragging rights!   Going back quite a lot of years I actually won the first Brass Monkey. On the saturday ( day before ) I ran a brisk 10 mile training run ( 56minutes) which felt good. On the sunday morning I drove to York and entered the race on the day!! The weather was frosty, still but sunny, perfect. I finished in nicely over 65minutes, however it was only a 20k race then and was changed to a half marathon the following year.I never ever felt I needed to run it again so it was a once and only turn out.
 Keep smiling and see you soon

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