You can’t beat a good rodeo before a race! Getting a phone call a moment after finishing work to let me know there are cattle all over the finishing area of the race does get the adrenalin going but we managed to move. Being an ex farmer doesn’t mean I know what they are saying, I just know how to move them! ( I wan’t to put up a large sign saying BULLOCKS!! but Christine wouldn’t let me!!!)
It was flat. It was fast. And it hurt. It was also the largest field ever at Thirsk and I think it was also the second largest field ever in the league. (326 runners) Well done T & S and thank you ALL for your help. Together we can do it and all of us  being part of makes it just that little bit special. I hope you all enjoyed it.
I haven’t seen the results yet but I was told they would be on-line for midnight, thankyou to Paul Wood. I bet most of you have a  look before going to work!!
When cleaning out the Ute last night I found a jumper with Brass Monkey written on it! I still have it.
Geoff Bullock didn’t get all the pies afterall. Thankyou Marian and your team. I think it worked out just fine!
                                   Take care and see you soon,Rob

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