Big Thanks To Steve

Hello everyone.
Monday 12th, 7pm will be at the school and in the gym.
Wednesday 14th 7pm at the Athletic Club, Newshm road. Anyone not wishing to run to the start or running a little late may wish to park at the station.
It will be the Christmas handicap. As usual, this will be up and down station road, starting at the Station car park, out to the Tesco roundabout and back. A distance of exactly 2 miles. (approx )
Anyone without a time trial this last term will run off scratch but no need to worry, you will still get a prize!! If we all run on the left hand side, this may prevent a collision and you will face the traffic on the way back. Please remember, you will be entering a car park towards the finish. We will have a funnel set for you to run down. The race will not start until 7.30.
We must thank Steve for all his hard work with all these times he keeps taking to work out the handicap but like you and I, he does like to run. On the night, if you are feeling a little poorly, maybe a little lame or maybe just plain lazy, could you please come along and help with the start and finish, time keeping etc. Please, also bring a few nibbles and we can all have a get together in the Athletic Club bar before prize giving. So, do come along and have a bit of fun. This will be the 50th Handicap I have organized and I have been present at everyone. Lets see if we can have 50 runners.
If like last year, we have 6″of snow and minus 10, we will hold the event on the cricket field at the Athletic Club. Please bring your head torch just in case!!
Also Gavin took over the responsibilities for the club web site and helped develop the new site but he now feels that it needs someone with a bit more time and some fresh ideas to take the site to the next level, so if this sounds something you can help the club with please contact Ernie.
See you soon, Rob

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