TIME TRIAL 29th October 2020 : venue: own choice

TIME TRIAL 28th October 2020
venue: own choice
    Member   Guest
1 Tom Levi 00:10:37    
2 Matt Jones 00:11:38    
3 Joshua Fothergill 00:11:48 BB  
      BB = Birthday Boy…… 🙂  
4 Jody Sygrove 00:13:10    
5 Paul Chapman 00:13:59    
6 Rob Burn 00:14:25    
7= Rosie Gatenby 00:14:29    
7= Walter Bulsuttil 00:14:29    
9 Trudy Morrice 00:14:31    
10 Gary Wilkinson 00:14:34    
11 Esther Harrison 00:14:43    
12 Dave Baker 00:14:51    
13 David Tervit 00:14:53    
14 Andy Butcher 00:15:18    
15 Pete Jackson 00:15:21    
16 Marc Davies 00:15:42    
17 Stephanie Hawkins 00:16:10    
18 Joe Joyce 00:16:25    
19 Duncan Fothergill 00:16:29    
20 Steve Billings 00:16:35    
21 Helen Ashworth 00:16:46    
22 Trish Radford 00:17:08    
23 Geoff Bullock 00:17:14    
24 James Stephenson 00:17:18    
25 Emily Jones     00:17:23
26= Faith Coy 00:17:25    
26= Martyn Coy 00:17:25    
28 Sarah Jones 00:17:38    
29 Phillip Craig 00:17:49    
30 David Palmer 00:18:32    
31 Ken Evitt 00:19:08    
32 Jill Libby 00:19:26    
33 Christine Burn 00:19:31    
34 Bev Davies 00:20:04 PB  
35 Laura Wilson 00:20:11    
36= Lara Jones     00:20:58
36= Liz Stephenson 00:20:58    
38 Margaret Wikeley 00:21:22    
39 Pat Kirby 00:21:56    
40 Wendy Bennett 00:22:30    
41 Maureen Worley 00:22:56    
42 Alan Wikeley 00:23:14    
43 Oliver Lewis 00:24:07    
44 Ian Codling 00:26:42    
45 Marian Codling 00:28:50    

SUMMER HANDICAP 16TH SEPTEMBER 2020 : venue: own choice

1 Dave Baker 00:14:05   SB
2 Bev Davies 00:20:32 PB  
3 Wendy Bennett 00:22:50    
4 Paul Peacock 00:11:41 PB  
5 Helen Ashworth 00:15:39   SB
6 Christine Burn 00:19:03   SB
7 Alan Simpson 00:13:28   SB
8 Rob Lickley 00:13:11   SB
9 Margaret Wikeley 00:20:34 PB  
10 Gillian Crane 00:20:23    
11 Sharon Keegan 00:19:56    
12 Ken Evitt 00:17:02    
13 Rob Burn 00:13:03   SB
14 Andy Butcher 00:14:23    
15 Oliver Lewis 00:22:51    
16 Tom Levi 00:10:22    
17 Rosie Gatenby 00:14:29    
18 Trudy Morrice 00:13:30 PB  
19 Gary Wilkinson 00:13:44    
20 David Tervit 00:14:24    
21 Kimberli Werner 00:22:11    
22 Alan Wikeley 00:22:18    
23 Tracy Hayden 00:20:08    
24 Gary Bastow 00:13:22   SB
25 Pat Kirby 00:22:24    
26 Esther Harrison 00:12:57    
27 Caroline Pearce 00:18:26    
28 Pete Jackson 00:14:23    
29 Adrian Saunders 00:14:11    
30 Duncan Fothergill 00:16:26    
31 Trish Radford 00:17:20    
32 Geoff Bullock 00:17:10    
33 Matt Jones 00:12:31    
34 Phillip Craig 00:17:36    
35 Marc Davies 00:16:01    
36 Ian Codling 00:25:29    
37 Tracey Lowther 00:20:37    
38 Mike Lowther 00:20:46    
1 Joe Lofthouse 00:11:37    
2 Jack Spence 00:12:16    
3 Jody Sygrove 00:12:49   SB
4 Martyn Coy 00:14:12    
5 Molly Kirkhope 00:16:18 PB  
6 Lindsay Goom 00:16:22 PB  
7 Stephenie Hawkins 00:16:48    
8 Fran Jeffrey 00:19:49    
9 Drikus Vanderwesthuizen 00:22:48    

Race Report 15/10/19

The Club held its AGM last week with a well attended company hearing about another successful year.  Duncan Fothergill remained in the Chair for another year, and Ken Wood remains as Vice Chair, but Fran Jeffery stood down as secretary after almost 10 years of conscientious and dedicated support for the club, and the same can be said of Nikki Booth who also stood down after several years as treasurer.  Well deserved presentations were made to both.  Sonja van der Westhuisen is also having a break from her role as a club coach and her kindness and enthusiasm will be missed.  Tracy Hayden and Trish Radford will share the position of secretary and Geoff Bullock is to be the new treasurer.  Rob Burn continues as Head Coach, Martyn Coy as Men’s Captain, Olivia Mulligan as Ladies’ Captain, and Liz Wordsworth as Web master.  General committee will include Nigel Morgan, Drikus van der Westhuisen and Sharon Keegan, and new members Tom Levi, Helen Ashworth and Hilary Coventry.

On a wet, damp misty Sunday morning, perhaps the longest race completed by a member was by Alan Harman at the Kielder Half Marathon.  This was his 110th race over that distance, and  what a lot of miles that adds up to, especially if you include all the training!  He was pleased with his time of 2.08.36, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and just managing to finish before the heavier rain started.

Conditions were pretty much the same for the Richmond Castle 10k road race, which, although shorter and mainly on roads, is still pretty tough with some severe hills.  Lorraine Hiles completed the course with her usual efficiency, coming 108th in 48.57 and winning the prize for the 1st F50.  Well done.  Ian Codling came 422nd out of 432 and was happy with 85.34.

A new race, the Studley Royal 10k, organised by Studley Cricket Club, had 75 finishers over a course which is hilly and mainly off road.  Tim Waistell was 65th in 72.10.

Shaon Keegan and Diane Brown continued their couch to 5k mission at the Fountains Abbey Park Run, with Sharon taking 38.43 and Diane 38.44.  Jody Sygrove at Northallerton was 6th out of 95 in PB 21.16.  At Millfield, Tom Watson was 13th out of 127 in PB 22.17, Pete Jackson 19th in PB 23.04 and Geoff Bullock 35th in 25.30.  Redcar was the venue for Gary Wilkinson, where he was 40th out of 158 in 25.00 and at Clumber Park, Molly Mayes was 230th out of 268 in 36.32.  Mike and Jemma Cropper tried out the Castle Howard event, Mike coming 7th out of 271 in 19.56 and Jemma 144th in 29.49.

The previous weekend, only 3 members were at the long, tough, Saltergate Gallows Fell Race, the latest club Championship race, so good points were to be had!  Determined and ever improving David Tervit finished in 45th place out of 81 in 2.13.42, Alan Simpson 53rd in 2.21.42 and Fran Jeffery 63rd in 2.25.14.  The race was over 17km with 430m ascent, in pouring rain, wet muddy course – and exactly Fran’s cup of tea!

Tour of Tameside 2018 – Ian Crane

The area of Tameside encompasses the towns and villages of Ashton-u-lyne, Stalybridge, Hyde Mottram and Glossop.

The original week – long Tour was founded in 1983 by marathon legend Dr Ron Hill MBE who lives on the outskirts of Hyde, Cheshire. The multi-day running event was brought back to Tameside in 2015 as a 4 day running event. The races take place at different venues each day – hence the name ‘Tour of Tameside’.

Ian was born and raised in Ashton-u-lyne and lived there until 1986. He still has strong ties to the area as his family members still live there, hence the hankering to complete this tour. Ian ran for many years, since senior school, around the hills of Ashton-u-lyne. Good training for his future races for Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers in the 1990’s.

This year began with Stage 1, the X-Trail 10K, the evening event taking place around two country parks in Ashton-u-lyne before moving onto Stage 2 on Friday evening with the infamous ‘Hell on the Fell’ 6 mile race in Stalybridge.

Stage 3 on Saturday morning took on the 13.1 mile ‘Hero Half Marathon’ along the Longdendale Trail in Glossop and the final days race began early on Sunday morning with the classic ‘Dr Ron Hill Seven Mile Road Race’ around the town centre of Hyde, Cheshire.

The tour also opens up for Single Stage entries for those wishing to run one, two or three of the individual days. Around 1,000 runners participated this year.

Ian took on the challenge of completing all four races and successfully completed them all relatively unscathed, due to careful planning, training and pacing himself. There were 389 runners who entered all four events and 24 of those did not finish, which shows how tough the event is. The winner of all four races completed the full tour in just over 3 hours which shows his overall fitness. He was amazing.

Ian completed the full tour in 5 hours 5mins and 53 secs, coming in at 238th out of 389 runners and 4th out of 11 in his age group. Again, a great achievement.

Here is a breakdown of each race:

Race Time Overall position Age category position


X-Trail 10K 55mins 17secs 307/534 4th/11
Hell on the Fell 6 mile  1hr 5secs 286/438 4th/11
Hero Half Marathon 2hrs 8mins 27sec 363/539 7th/12
7 Mile Road Race 59mins 24 secs 295/645 4th/12
Tour of T’side (overall) 5hrs 5mins 53secs 238/389 4th/11


I hope this will inspire others in the club to take part next year. If there are any members willing to take on the challenge, Ian will consider doing this again with you. He found the experience very satisfying and rewarding, especially due to the comradeship between all the athletes competing.


Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 16/04/18

CHAMPIONSHIP RACE – Hartlepool Marina 5 Mile Road Race – start 10:30am
The Historic Quay, Hartlepool Marina, Hartlepool, TS24 0XZ

7pm Athletic Club. 12 to 15 minutes of intervals with long recoveries. Remember this may also be a recovery run so train accordingly. (This session is designed for all abilities.) The idea is to increase your speed. You can increase the intensity as you improve your strength and confidence. For some this may be the only speed work you will do during the week, so you need to be working at quite a high level to gain the best improvement. Your speed will also increase as the ground dries out, but we can’t do much about that.

Social run from Thirsk and Sowerby leisure centre at 7pm (meet in foyer). Mostly off road depending on the weather. Suitable for all abilities; there will be several stops to run back/regroup, no-one runs by themselves or gets left behind. New and returning Tuesday night runners always welcome.
Route to be decided on the night, around 5 miles. Please wear high vis if you have it. Trail shoes not essential but can be worn if you have them.

7pm Athletic Club. 3, 4, 5 minute x 2 with 1min recovery and 3 mins between sets. Hopefully quite a few of you will be able to attend both club sessions and if so, then this needs to be the more intense session. I’m trying to take advantage of putting a block of strong training together with a group before the summer evening races start and we all start to disappear. The athletes you train with and compete against are the ones who will improve your times the most. This session will also favour all abilities, all we have to do is alter the intensity. If you are ever in doubt, then please arrive early and try and see me before the session begins. Everyone is important so don’t be frightened to ask.

Thirsk 10 committee after – Anyone with any comments please email Duncan on gd.fothergill@btinternet.com or see him or Phillip at training

Virgin Money London Marathon – I’d like to wish our runners well for the London Marathon, enjoy!

Message from the chairman:
Thanks so much to everyone who helped pull off a fantastic Thirsk 10 race on Sunday; I’m proud to be chair of a great club.

Message from the head-coach:
The Thirsk 10 race committee is made up of several hard-working individuals who use 40 years of handed down experience to provide one of the best road races in the North East of England. They continue to improve and adjust as the years go by. It is a race organised by runners especially just for runners. It is backed up on the day of the race by another 50 to 80 club members and volunteers who help to make sure it all happens and make it such a fantastic event. I am pleased to be part of such a well organised team. I loved every minute of last Sunday so thanks for helping make it happen. I have not run on the “new” Thirsk 10 course yet so Phillip, I am here and now saying I am going to run it in 2019 and will not be available to marshal. I will however help set up and also help escort the runners around to the start. They can find their own way to the finish. I am looking forward to being greeted by the marshals at Busby Stoop, apparently, they are quite vocal!!!
Times are a changing and if you look at the results only 20 runners went under 60 minutes, the lowest percentage in the 40 years the race has been going. (I have run at Thirsk when there have been 50 runners under 55 minutes.) I don’t know why because the course is flat, the conditions on the day were perfect so I would have expected most athletes to have posted good times. Yes, I know we are all getting older and likely to run slower times but the younger ones either don’t like competition or are doing other sports. But then we must remember that Thirsk being flat is one of toughest races possible because it is relentless, there is no place to rest and it just keeps coming at you. Perhaps next year I will find out just how hard it is! (I’ve not forgotten, I just want to see if I can still do it!)

Mr Grumpy!! Why do runners find it necessary to take a gel in a 10-mile race? I don’t know the answer to this one but when they do so why do they not take the wrapper with them! I get tired of picking objects up after the Grandkids, surely, I don’t have to pick them up after adults too. If you find a need to use a gel, then find a need to take the wrapper with you. Luckily, I did have a bag with me.
Zambia. Remember I asked a month or so ago for old running shoes, tee shirts etc which Christine and I will send out to a village and school not too far away from Victoria Falls in Zambia. We did this last year and they were very much appreciative. Due to the accumulation of boxes in our garage we are going to do the same again. Yes, we need the space. I can get the best deal on postage if I do it all together as a one off so please, if you can help then bring them down to training in the next couple of weeks. I will get some photos to show you when the goods arrive so maybe you might just have a pair of running that have a little more mileage in them than you once thought.
See you all at Hartlepool, Rob

Fountains 10k – Sunday 29 Apr 2018 – 11am start www.fountains10k.co.uk
Mixed terrain run in Nidderdale
Run along quiet country roads, off-road trails and scenic moorland in Nidderdale Area of Natural Beauty

Apr 15th – Hartlepool Marina 5 – flat – mostly along the prom. Sun am
Apr 25th – Spring Coast Road 5k Wed 7.15pm – flat, Redcar Rugby Club, enter in advance
May 13th – Ripon 10 – challenging – multi-terrain. Sun am
June 5th – HDSRL – Skipton – Tues evening.
June 19th – HDSRL – Ilkley- Tues evening. Hilly, mostly on road
July 8th – Kilburn 7 – scenic road race – Coxwold, Byland, Oldstead. Sun pm
July 17th – HDSRL Nidd Valley – Tues evening.
July 29th – James Herriot 14k (Fell) – 2 long hills, stony tracks. Sun am
Aug 12th – Darlington 10k – flat 2 lap road race. Sun am. Potential PB course
Aug 22nd – Sessay Swift 6k – local flat road race – 7.30 pm Wed evening
Sept 2nd – Tholthorpe 10k – fast, slightly undulating road race. Sun am
Sept 30th – Lockton Limping Fell Race. 7 miles, 1083 ft climb. Sun am e.o.d
Oct 7th – Bridlington Half Marathon – road. V. undulating. Sun am
Nov 4th – Guy Fawkes 10 – road race. 4 significant hills! Sun am
Nov/Dec – XC (to be arranged) 1 cross country
(e.o.d – enter on the day, at race)

Thirsk 10 - 2020

Sunday 15th March 2020

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