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Race Report 23/02/21

Over the last 30 years or so, Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers have held a monthly, mostly 2 mile, time trial, with a view to measuring progress, and more latterly, also to hold a Handicap at the end of each term.  The winner receives a shield, to be held for one year, and all participants and helpers receive a prize – probably chocolates.  Needless to say, this is a very popular evening in normal times,  with a pooled supper and a very social evening.  This last year, it has all been done “virtually”, with members submitting a time and Duncan Fothergill (who’s good at sums) calculating a handicap.  No social get together, unfortunately, but fingers crossed ………..!
  In the early days of the club, there was a large number of youngsters and a small number of, mainly men, faster runners.  They decided to do a time trial each month, and the competition was strong.  Over the years, the fastest times have been under 10 minutes and on a fast course, on a good night, this is still being achieved.  Gary Dunn is one of the more recent runners who spring to mind.  These days, you do 2 miles from near your home and send in your time, timing yourself, on the last Wednesday of the month.  The wonderful  Sowerby Gateway track is ideal for this, 3.2 km, if you can manage to dodge children on bikes and scooters, sauntering pedestrians, dog walkers, wheelchairs and zimmers – and going on a dull rainy day is best!  Normally, between 30 and 40 people take part, after a warm up session in Thirsk School sports hall, but in these “virtual” days, the numbers can be between 50 and 60 at any time you like on the appropriate Wednesday.
  In normal times in winter, the time trial has been run along Station Road, with street lighting to help along the way, but in summer, Sutton Bank is a favourite and also Wass and Kilburn Woods.  For a few years, the Handicap took place round a farmer’s field, and that farmer happened to have a swimming pool – which certainly added to the social and fun quality of the evening!  Handicaps in Wass Woods very often ended with sociables at Merv Burn’s place, but wherever the venue, the prizes, supper and get together at the end have been a fixture, even if supper was pooled on the back of Rob’s pick-up.
   Do we begin to see light at the end of the tunnel?  It sounds as if it may not be too long before we can all meet up again for club sessions, and we just can’t wait!

Race Report 16/02/21

The virtual races just keep coming because of the enthusiasm of Rob Burn, and grateful thanks from all members for that.  The latest one, the virtual Holme House Prison cross country, a distance just over 3 miles could be run over 4 days, with a choice of route if you didn’t live in and around Thirsk to do the out and back course sorted out by Rob. Two kissing gates in each direction were an added obstacle!  The icy cold weather and rutted terrain with a good covering of snow meant that care was needed, and for the first time for many months, the top ten finishers were all men.  Andrew Price is unbeatable at the minute and finished in a time of 20.11 with Josh Fothergill 2nd in 20.46, Matt Jones 3rd in 21.16, just ahead of Paul Peacock, 4th in 21.16.  David Fawkes, a couple of minutes slower, came 5th in 23.27, Joe Lofthouse 6th in 23.27, Adam Leigh 7th in 23.34, Ken Wood 8th in 23.39, Josh Cooper 9th in 23.46 and Walter Busuttil, finding some of his early form 10th in 23.55.   

Trudy Morrice is usually among the top finishers and this time she was 1st lady in 25.12, with Lorraine Hiles 2nd in 26.06, new member, Gemma Tutty, 3rd in 26.11, Lyndsey Collins, another newish member, 4th in 26.34, Hilary Coventry 5th in 26.48, Helen Ashworth 6th in 26.54, Clare Tempest 7th in 27.33, Kirsty Naylor 8th in 27.54, Sonja van der Westhuisen 9th in 29.20 and Joanne Hunt 10th in 30.33. 

The popularity of these events is borne out by the fact that almost 90 members and guests took part on what were, for the most part, bitterly cold days, with winds for good measure!  Other finishers were Tom Levi, coming back from injury, Gary Bastow, Mike Lowther, Gary Wilkinson, ever improving Richard Morrice, chit chat king Paul Chapman, Brett Edgeworth, Adrian Saunders, Pedro Carrasco, Dave Baker, David Tervit, Marc Davies, Andy Butcher, Dave Wood, Alan Simpson, Mike Cropper, Duncan Fothergill, evergreen Geoff Bullock, Joe Joyce, Martyn Coy, David Palmer, Jack Spence, Andrea Colls, James Stephenson, Steph Hawkins, Paul Goacher, Sarah Harrison, Lyndsay Goom, Sarah Scott, Steve Billings, Tracey Lowther, Louise Mayfield, Trish Radford, Faith Coy, Alison Butcher, Ken Evitt, Paul Adams, Richard Easby, injured Rob Burn, Hugh Jennyns, Sarah Goacher, Bev Davies, Heather Bell, Jacob Condor, Pat Kirby, Sharon Keegan, Clare Jones Drikus van der Westhuisen, Margaret Wikeley, Carol Morrison, Phillip Craig, Gillian Crane, Christine Burn, Liz Stephenson, Rosie Gatenby, Beverley Ayres, Alan Wikeley, (injured?) Esther Harrison, Ian Crane, Kimberli Werner, Maureen Worley, Siobhan Woodland, 11 year old Reuben Coy and Marian Codling.  A mention to 8 year old Matilda Price, who was introduced by her father, Andrew to running on hard rutted ground in a biting wind!  A good fist she made of it, too, finishing in 35.47.

Well done to all our happy band of members, who will turn out in all weathers and whatever conditions to do these races – and enjoy them!

Race Report 07/02/21

When there’s nothing much happening on the race front, you can always do the “Not the park run park run”, park run, timing yourself from your front door over a 5k distance and sending in your result to the park run organisation.  This week’s Thirsk and Sowerby participants were Mike Cropper, who took 23.06, Duncan Fothergill 25.04, just pipping Pete Jackson 25.05, Paul Chapman 25.58, Gary Wilkinson 28.06, Sonja Van Der Westhuisen 28.20, Sharon Keegan 33.54 and Liz Stephenson 38.50.  It is open at all to anyone who wants to sign up for park runs, which are a must each Saturday in normal times!

Race Report 02/02/21

Another weekend, another race, this time the virtual Ormesby cross country, which you could run over a prescribed course or find a muddy course near your home.  Those who lived in or near Thirsk generally chose the prescribed course over a distance just under 3 miles, and submitted a time when they got home.  If you ran on the Thursday or Friday, you ran through mud, but on Saturday and Sunday the ground was frozen.  An interesting aspect of this race was the Buddha sitting in the hedge beside the route, silently watching runners either slushing by or sliding by!  Andrew Price got the quickest time, 20.17, with Joshua Fothergill not far behind in 20.21.  Paul Peacock came 3rd in 21.00, Matt Jones 4th in 23.10, Ken Wood 5th in 23.20, with David Fawkes 6th in 23.30, Michael Lowther 7th in 23.58, Rob Burn 8th in 25.04, Alan Simpson 9th in 25.18 and the improving Richard Morrice 10th in 26.28.  
There was a clutch of ladies in amongst these early men, with the fastest, Esther Harrison, a very good 4th overall in 22.55.  Trudy Morrice was 2nd lady, 9th overall, in 24.07 and newcomer Sarah Yeomans 3rd in 25.03, 10th overall.  Always well up the list, Lorraine Hiles was 4th lady in 26.17, Helen Ashworth 5th in 26.47, Hilary Coventry 6th in 27.07, another new member, Lyndsey Collins, 7th in 27.55, Tracey Naylor 8th in 28.31, Fran Jeffery 9th in 29.24 and Kirsty Naylor 10th in 30.30.  
In total, 80 members and guests took part, and members outside the top 10 men and ladies were Martyn Coy, Pedro Carrasco, Marc Davies, Duncan Fothergill, Gary Wilkinson, Joe Joyce, Dave Wood, Brett Edgeworth, Dave Baker, David Tervit, Andy Butcher, Paul Chapman, Mike Cropper, Paul Goacher, Adrian Saunders, Ken Evitt, David Palmer, Geoff Bullock, Phillip Craig, Gavin Coventry, Sarah Harrison, James Stephenson, Sonja Van Der Westhuisen, Rosie Gatenby, Paul Adams, Jack Spence, Steph Hawkins, Alison Butcher, Sarah Goacher, Steve Billings, Rhiannon Richards, Marianne Morrice, Sarah Scott, Lyndsay Goom, Sharon Keegan, Trish Radford, Faith Coy, Kimberli Werner, Bav Davies, Jacob Condor, Drikus Van Der Westhuisen, Margaret Wikely, Gillian Crane, Beverley Ayres, Hugh Jenyns, Clare Jones, Christine Burn, Nigel Morgan, Siobhan Woodland, Ian Crane, Alan Wikeley, Ellen Brookes, Liz Stephenson, re-joined member, Simon McKeown, Louise Mayfield, Kerry Morgan, Tom Levi, Ian Codling and Marian Codling.
Well done to Rob Burn for sorting out another interesting course.

Race Report 26/01/21

Ever since March, there have been no races to enter, and the Park run enterprise has set up a “not the park run” park run, when you can run 5k near your home, time yourself and send in a result each week. Thousands of runners from all over the country, and even the world, take part, and this weekend, seven Thirsk and Sowerby members were involved. Matt Jones took 19.58, Gary Wilkinson 25.36, Paul Chapman 29.01, James Stephenson 31.38, Caroline Pearce 34.31, Tracy Hayden 35.08 and Liz Stephenson 46.27. Sadly, there is no coffee and a scone in the cafe at Fountains Abbey afterwards!

As you can tell from the photos, there was a virtual race organised this weekend but the results are not yet available.

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