Race Reports

Race Report 06/04/21

Another of Rob’s virtual races saw 90 members and guests complete the virtual Hartlepool Marina 5, a run very much replicating the actual Marina race in that it was a flat out and back road race.  It was along part of the Thirsk 10 Road Race course – which would have been held at normal times in March – and allowed for fast times, (which is one reason why the Thirsk 10 is so popular.)  Matt Jones is making himself unbeatable at the moment, finishing with the fastest time, over about 5.2 miles, in 31.32.  Paul Peacock continues to shine, 2nd in 32.42, with Tom Levi gradually recovering his form after a bad injury, 3rd in 33.07, Andrew Price 4th in 34.06, Joe Lofthouse  5th in 35.48, Josh Fothergill 6th in 35.55, Alan Simpson, always well up, 7th in 36.23, Walter Busuttil 8th in 36.42, Adam Leigh 9th in 37.00 and the indomitable Rob Burn 10th in 37.38 – even though road is not his favourite surface!
 The first two ladies managed to separate the last two men, with Lorraine Hiles, again running superbly, quickest in 37.09 and Trudy Morrice, improving all the time, 2nd in 37.31.  New member, Gemma Tutty was 3rd in 37.52, Lyndsey Collins 4th in 39.54, Kirsty Naylor 5th in 40.59, Hilary Coventry 6th in 41.15, Helen Ashworth 7th in 41.52, Esther Harrison, slowly recovering from injury, 8th in 42.53, Clare Tempest 9th in 43.26 and Tracey Lowther 10th in 45.00.
Other members who ran were Mike Lowther, Gary Bastow, Paul Chapman, Gary Wilkinson, Mike Cropper, Dave Baker, Brett Edgeworth, Ken Wood, Jody Sygrove, Pedro Carrasco, David Tervit, Andy Butcher, Richard Morrice, Dave Wood, Duncan Fothergill, Pete Jackson, Rob Lickley, Marc Davies, Geoff Bullock, Martyn Coy, Sarah Harrison, Andrea Colls, Faith Coy, Jack Spence, Trish Radford, Steve Billings, Will Jagger, Paul Goacher, Joanne Hunt, Liz Wordsworth, David Palmer , Chris Wordsworth, Stephanie Hawkins, James Stephenson, Alison Butcher, Ken Evitt, Rhiannon Richards, Clare Jones, Caroline Pearce, Margaret Wikeley, Ellen Brookes, Simon McKeown, Phillip Craig, Pat Kirby, Kimberli Werner, Christine Burn, Bev Davies, Hugh Jenyns, Richard Easby, Sharon Keegan, Alan Wikeley, Jacob Condor, Maureen Worley, Liz Stephenson, Siobhan Woodland, Sarah Goacher, Marian Codling, Adrian Saunders, Harry Goom, Reuben Coy and Lyndsay Goom (supporting Harry).
Everyone continues to love these virtual races, which can be done any time over 4 days, with weather conditions varying, and Sunday morning at least was lovely, though rather warm.  The wind may have been a factor on other days.  Members look forward now to the Easter Handicap, 2 miles, to be held on Wednesday, and starting positions based on at least 2 time trials over the previous term.  Normally there would be a social time afterwards, but in these socially distanced conditions, members must run for personal achievement!  Do come along and try this friendly and welcoming club, Mondays and Wednesdays, 7 pm at Sowerby Gateway.

Race Report 30/03/21

March 29th was a red letter day for many people, with grass roots sports being allowed for the first time for months after the covid lockdown.  It was as if a cork had been released from a bottle, and many members turned up for the session on Monday night, socially distanced, but so good to run with people and to meet up with friends you hadn’t seen for ages.  People from outside the immediate vicinity were able to be there, and some felt strange for being further from home than usual.  Rob and Andy organised the different groups, with assistance from Tom, and probably muscles were used which may have been in hibernation.  Several new members were welcomed and the feel good factor at the end was palpable!  
Thanks must go to Adrian Saunders who, over the last few months, has organised zoom core sessions to be done in ones front room.  These have been very much enjoyed by all participants, and a really good workout was to be had.
Not the park run enthusiasts were in action again on Saturday, encouraged by Paul Chapman, and 5k from home was undertaken by Mike Cropper, 23.36, Pete Jackson 24.28, Esther Harrison 25.53, Andrea Colls PB 26.31, Duncan Fothergill 26.32, Sarah Harrison PB 27.13, David Palmer 28.10, Caroline Pearce 31.01, Gary Wilkinson 34.20, Sharon Keegan 35.52, Siobhan Woodland 36.47, Maureen Worley PB 36.52 and Rosie Gatenby 39.09.  Well done all. 

Race Report 23/03/21

Not the Park Run” continues weekly, with thousands of runners sending in their times, and this week 10 Harriers were involved, largely due to the encouragement and enthusiasm of Paul Chapman, to whom thanks for collating these results.  Mike Cropper recorded the quickest time, 22.30, and it’s good to see him getting back into form.  Martyn Coy had a good outing in 23.14, and Duncan Fothergill was delighted with his 24.52, his first time under 25 minutes for a 5k.  Sonja van der Westhuisen did a PB in 25.18, with ever present Gary Wilkinson taking 25.29, Kirsty Naylor 27.40, Sarah Harrison 29.13. Siobhan Woodland with PB 33.24, Sharon Keegan 35.50 and Rosie Gatenby 39.29.

With a bit of luck, Harriers will be able to meet up again on Monday 29th, 7 pm at Sowerby Gateway, carefully socially distanced.  If you want to try out a running club, come along and give it a go.  Runners of all ages, over 11, and abilities are always given a warm welcome, and at least it will be light by then.  A group for beginners will be starting in April – look out for details on the club website.

Race Report 16/03/21

It’s not many running clubs which can name a Poet Laureate among their members, but Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers are proud to do just that and it probably all came about because of covid!  When lockdown began, Olivia Mulligan was advised she was in the “at risk” group and should shield for 12 weeks.  For extra support, she moved into the sanitised bubble of her retired parents’ home in Dishforth village and was face with the question of how to occupy her time.  Olivia definitely has an artistic bent, borne out by the fact that she studied Drama and Creative Writing during her student days at Royal Holloway, University of London.  Now unable to go into work (which is customer facing) how to occupy her time became an issue… Her mother suggested she write a poem each day and that it be displayed on the gate post the end of their drive.  She also left her phone number for villagers to text in suggestions for the next day’s poemAfter her time shielding and writing a poem each day, quite a collection was accrued. Again, at villagers’ suggestions, investigations were made about having them produced in a book.  This duly happened, and Poems on the Gate Post was the result.  Such was the reception of this volume that it came to the attention of BBC Radio York, and Olivia was invited to be their Poet Laureate.  She can be heard at 1.15 pm on that station on a Saturday reading one of her poems, and lookout for her second volume of poems which is currently in production. 
As well as this amazing gift, Olivia is also a superb runner, one of the quickest lady members in the club – at the latest Sessay Swift 6k, in 2019, she was 2nd lady finisher.  Dare we hope that event may be held again this year, on Aug 18th?  With so much uncertainty, we can only hope.
Many apologies to another fast lady runner, Gemma Duffy,  on doing the quickest time at last week’s virtual cross country.  She was listed as a guest runner whereas she is a very welcome and valued new member – along with the many other new members who have been attracted to the club by being able to take part in all the virtual races arranged by the club in the last 12 months.

Race Report 02/03/21

There was another fabulous turnout for the latest virtual Croft cross country round local fields used only by those within a permitted distance for exercise, and with particular attention paid to social distancing.  Runners beyond that permitted distance worked out their own circuit near their homes.  The convoluted 2 lap, 2 mile course was laid out with plenty of markers so it was almost impossible to go wrong, and last minute rolling and cutting made for an excellent surface for running.  Harry the Harriers scarecrow, put together mainly by the ladies, was a fun marshal on the course.
Andrew Price had the quickest time, a superb 25.25 – and he went round the course again later with Matilda, with Paul Peacock 2nd in 25.55, Josh Fothergill 3rd in 26.08, just pipping Matt Jones, 4th in 26.09, Tom Levi 5th in 26.39, Josh Cooper 6th in 27.19, Adam Leigh 7th in 28.17, David Fawkes 8th in 29.48, Joe Lofthouse 9th in 29.48 and Ken Wood 10th in 29.54.
The fastest lady member was once again Trudy Morrice in 31.15, although guest runner, Gemma Tutty did the fastest time of 30.37.  Lorraine Hiles was 2nd in 31.46, Kirsty Naylor 3rd in 33.52, Lyndsy Collins 4th in 34.35, Hilary Coventry 5th in 34.53,  Helen Ashworth 6th in 35.44, Clare Tempest 7th in 36.11, Esther Harrison 8th in 36.29, Louise Mayfield 9th in 37.01 and Sonja van der Westhuisen 10th in 37.03.
Another 70+ members were among the also rans, (along with 23 guest runners,) topping Rob’s target of 100 for the first time.  They include Alan Simpson, Walter Busuttil, Gary Bastow, Paul Chapman, Michael Lowther, Gary Wilkinson, Dave Baker, David Tervit, Gavin Coventry, Andy Butcher, Brett Edgeworth, Richard Morrice, Adrian Saunders, Pedro Carrasco, Rob Burn, Marc Davies, Jack Spence, Dave Wood, Duncan Fothergill, Paul Goacher, Joe Joyce, Sarah Harrison, Andrea Colls, Martyn Coy, James Stephenson, Mike Cropper, Faith Coy, Elliot Readman, Steve Billings, Geoff Bullock, Lyndsay Goom, Sarah Scott, Stephanie Hawkins, Rosie Gatenby, Ken Evitt, Carol Morrison, Joanne Hunt, David Palmer, Tracey Lowther, Chris Wordsworth, Alison Butcher, Phillip Craig, Liz Wordsworth, 12 year old Harry Goom, Hugh Jennyns, Sarah Goacher, Phoebe Yates, Richard Easby, Bev Davies, Rosalind Yates, Margaret Wikeley , Caroline Pearce, Drikus van der Westhuisen, Pat Kirby, Clare Jones, Kimberli Werner, Christine Burn, Ellen Brookes, 11 year old Reuben Coy, Liz Stephenson, Jacob Condor, Sharon Keegan, Paul Adams, Alan Wikeley, Beverley Ayres, Rebecca Longster, Gillian Crane, Ian Crane, Maureen Worley, Kerry Morgan, Angie Weatherhead, Marian Codling (thankyou, Faith) and Soibhan Woodland.  Trish Radford completed the course but her watch ran out of energy before she did !
All in all a superb event, and these virtual races are picking up new members along the way!
In Oct 2004, Paul Sinton-Hewitt organised a run in Bushy Park, London with 13 of his friends so they could continue their sessions together, and this was the beginning of the Park Run movement which has since overtaken the country.  Thousands of runners each Saturday, in normal times, descend on their local 5k Park Run course and have a timed run round it.  These days, you have a bar code which is scanned at the finish, and results incorporated on a central computer before being published on the website. (In the early days it was tap washers and pencil and paper!)  The benefits to health are recognised, and park runs are even promoted in Doctors’ surgeries, with a feeling of well being is certain after a run.  20 countries have taken up park runs, and on holiday almost anywhere, you are likely to find a park run.  Some runners see how many different park runs they can collect, and “alphabet” park runs are attempted – a run beginning with each letter of the alphabet, and one can imagine Fountains Abbey is a must for a run beginning with F.  The National Trust have appreciated the possibilities of allowing runners free access to their grounds at 9 am, to be out by 10 am before the paying visitors arrive, and virtually all runners calling for a cup of coffee and a scone, cake or bacon sandwich!   In fact, the social side is almost as important as the running.  
None of it would be possible without and army of volunteers, and runners are requested to volunteer a couple of times or so a year, with a run director to oversee that side of things, to set out signs, direct runners where necessary, and scanning bar codes and then clearing up  at the end – offering plenty of encouragement throughout.
What a huge loss, then, when covid and lockdown put a stop to all that last year!  It left a huge gap in many people’s lives, and the park run movement decided to set up “not the Park Run” park runs, when runners could do 5k from their homes, time themselves, and submit results centrally, to be published as usual.  Gary Wilkinson was one member who was involved from the start, and he has just done his 50th “not the Park Run” park run!  Well done Gary.  Paul Chapman is another who has taken up the challenge, and his efforts and enthusiasm have encouraged more and more members to take part each week – this week 15 members were involved.  Paul recorded the quickest time, 22.28, with Mike Cropper, beginning to find some of his earlier form, taking 23.59, Dave Baker 24.40, Pete Jackson 24.48, Duncan Fothergill 25.02, Sonja van der Westhuisen 25.36, Gary Wilkinson 25.55, Andrea Colls 26.56. Pavid Palmer 28.09, Sarah Harrison 28.39, Siobhan Woodland 33.54, Sharon Keegan 34.48, Gillian Crane 39.43, Rosie Gatenby 41.36 and Bev Davies 41.50.
What a Red Letter Day it will be if and when Park Runs resume on June 5th!

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