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Race Report 07/02/21

When there’s nothing much happening on the race front, you can always do the “Not the park run park run”, park run, timing yourself from your front door over a 5k distance and sending in your result to the park run organisation.  This week’s Thirsk and Sowerby participants were Mike Cropper, who took 23.06, Duncan Fothergill 25.04, just pipping Pete Jackson 25.05, Paul Chapman 25.58, Gary Wilkinson 28.06, Sonja Van Der Westhuisen 28.20, Sharon Keegan 33.54 and Liz Stephenson 38.50.  It is open at all to anyone who wants to sign up for park runs, which are a must each Saturday in normal times!

Training w/c 08/02/21

Training for the week commencing:  8th February 2021

Monday 8th Feb
10 mins warm up.   5 x 4 mins strong/ 2 mins steady recovery  10 mins cool down/ easy. 
Tuesday 9th Feb:
Zoom core training with Adrian, 20/30 minutes:
Topic: T&SH Core
Time: Feb 9, 2021 07:00 PM London

Training w/c 01/02/21

Training for the week commencing: 1st February 2021

Monday 1st Feb
10 minutes warm up, 5 x 3 mins @ 5k pace, 2 mins @ 10 mile pace, 10 mins cool down.
This is a big, strong session and should be your hardest session of the week . Stay positive/ work at it!!

Tuesday 2nd Feb:
Zoom core training with Adrian, 20/30 minutes:
Topic: T&SH Core 02/02/21
Time: Feb 2, 2021 07:00 PM
Meeting ID: 730 3579 0655
Passcode: 0pe9ck

Wednesday 3rd Feb:
10 mins warm up,  8 sets of  1 x 30 secs @ 5k pace, 30 secs easy,  1 x 60 secs @ 5k pace, 60 secs easy. 

Weekend long run:
 60 -75 mins. with 2 x 5 mins equal distance apart @ 10 mile pace. 

Training w/c 25/01/21

Thanks to all of you who have sent in your forms. Don’t forget if you have paid, you do still need to complete a 2021 form. Below is Rob and Adrian’s training for next week, and it is also time trial week. Access zoom training and TT submissions through the buttons below.
Thanks, Trish

Training for the week commencing:  25th January 2021
Monday 25th January:
10 mins warm up then  3 x 5 mins  @ strong, smooth pace / 1 min recovery.  10 mins cool down.
It doesn’t really matter where you do this but I prefer a good, firm trail. I don’t like using road during the winter months as I try to give my legs a rest from the constant pounding. Younger members may prefer the likes of station road or the Gateway track. 

Tuesday 26th January:
Zoom core training with Adrian, 20/30 minutes:

Wednesday 27th January:
Monthly 2 mile time trial. 
Anywhere you like and as fast as you can.
I am planning something a little bit different for the Easter handicap this year but to qualify you need to run two monthly time trials over the next three months. Where ever you choose to run your time trials please try and run each one on the same track. This will ensure Duncan can give you a fair and accurate handicap. 
Post your times via the button below – submission time 8am- 9pm 


Training w/c 18/01/21

Training for the week commencing:  11th January 2021
I have permission from the council to set out a cross country/trail course on the waste land between the Gateway track and the new junior school. I’ll set it up in the next few days with markers. Those of you who like trail/ country running could use it for interval training. I’m just trying to provide a little variety and something different. Please don’t run the on field first then transfer mud onto the track. Warm up on the clean track first. 

Monday 18th January:
10 mins warm up.  4 x 4 mins strong, smooth running/ 1 min recovery. 10 mins cool down.
Tuesday 19th January:
Zoom core training with Adrian, 20/30 minutes:

Click Here for Zoom Training

Wednesday 20th January:
10 mins warm up. 10 x 30 secs hard, brisk pace / 1 min steady pace recovery.  10 mins cool down. 

Weekend long run:
65 mins   including  2 x 5 mins @ 10 mile pace effort, 10 minutes apart fitted in the middle. Working hard on a couple of long hills will have the same effect.

Next Championship Race: No 2 Virtual Ormesby cross country.
Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th January 2021. – Full details to follow in a separate email.
Alison and Andy have measured this one out for us, thanks to you both.
Total distance. 3.04 miles, out and back.  This time there are no markers. You have a map and course description and it’s easy to follow. It’s short enough to check out before you race in your warm ups.
The course is wet, muddy and quite a challenge. The shorter distance should encourage everyone to take part. 
The turn around point is the large Ash tree just beyond the last wooden railings on the narrow section of the course.   
For those living in Thirsk it is close enough to run to and use as a warm up. 
There is room to park a few cars but please keep them well apart and do not gather, no one living in Thirsk should need to drive to the start. 
You are less likely to meet anyone if you go at quieter times. ie. early or later in the day and maybe choose the week days.
You don’t have to meet anyone so please run alone where possible.
 Members who live in Northallerton, Ripon and further afield please choose a muddy cross country trail and cover the same distance.(3.04 miles)  Backwards and forwards over the same track will do. It’s better to take part safely and close to home. These are difficult times so make do with what we have. Post your times to Adrian just the same. 

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