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Training W/C 21 September

Virtual Tholthorpe 10k 

Thurs 24th September to  Sunday 27th September
On the Sowerby Gateway Track. Open to members, friends and guests.  Probably your last chance this year to run at night and in daylight. 
1. Ten laps of the gateway track. Either on Black or Red, it doesn’t matter. 
 2. Start ( and finish )  at the beginning of the 100 metre straight and complete TEN FULL      LAPS. 
 3. This is a point to point race so we do not require the distance, just your completed time. 
 4. Send in your time to Trish as soon as you have completed.
 5. This one will test us all. It’s fast and flat. Set off too fast and you will fade. Set off too slow and you will not make your time up. Warm up before you start. 

Monday 21st September. 7pm S.G.Track.
Time to bring your head torch. This is the toughest session of the week. Preparing for the next championship race. 
 25 mins warm up/ core work .  
 Grass Run.  5 x 3 mins @ 5k pace/ 1 min jog/rolling recovery- this simply means for you to run at a steady speed instead of just standing still. Your body will adjust.

Wednesday 23rd September. 7pm. S.G.Track.
25 mins warm up and core work.
Track.  300 metres @ 10k pace/ 200 steady.  3 to 5 laps depending on when you are racing.

Weekend long run.
60 mins with 2 x 10 mins @ your half marathon pace. 

Monday night we had a litter pick around the Gateway Track. One, large full bag in total. (Please don’t ask!! )
Around sixty of you took part in the summer handicap. Congratulations to Dave Baker. Yes, the Gateway track is fast.
Thanks to the National Parks and Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers we now have some distance markers on the Cleveland Way. Four to the East, Three to the West. See if you can find them all and tell me what you think. I will not have to put down a marker ever again.                   

Training w/c 13th September

Here’s this week’s training from Rob:
If you are running the ‘Darlington 10k’ or ‘GNR’ this weekend, good luck and please don’t forget to send me your results – trishr16@gmail.com 

Monday 14th September. 7pm. Sowerby Gateway track.
Up to 25 mins of core work with reducing recovery  time. We are slowly building the intensity before we can start easing back. 
Track session.   7 x 2 mins / 1 min rolling recovery. @ 5k to 10k pace depending when you races this past weekend. You may need to recover so ease off on the efforts if you are feeling tired. This will be the toughest session of the week. 

Wednesday 16th September. 7pm. S G Track.

A light core session which you can use as a warm up followed by the 2 mile summer handicap. Your handicap time is already worked out on your previous time trial results and is sealed in an envelope. Nobody knows your time. All you have to do is run a 2 mile distance  as fast as you like and post your time to Duncan. He will do the rest. There will be a winner and there is a trophy. Sorry it has taking a while to put in place but we’ve been so busy running up mountains it’s been difficult to put in place. If you run the race on the SGT the distance is 3.2k  ( 3,200 metres) regardless of what your watch says. So everyone runs the same distance you must run on the red track and to keep to left of the white line at all times. If you take the racing line and run on the black you will not be running the correct distance. Do I need to say anything else? 

Weekend long run.
75 mins .  Easy , 60 seconds a mile slower than you intended Redcar Half pace. These next few weeks your body is going to be under quite a bit of pressure so look after it. It’s a flat course so you need to be looking for good times. 

Next Steps: The club  is purchasing some lights as an aid for training so expect some changes. From now on it will be dark when we finish so you may need to bring a head torch. We will make it work, it’s just a matter of finding out how. I hope you don’t mind playing about in the cold and the dark. We have some brilliant training facilities now, we just need to use them. Over the next few weeks I’m going to set up a track on the grass too. If numbers keep increasing we can split into two groups, be safer and still have a good, meaningful workout.  Besides, it’s not good for you to expect your body to be working out on a hard surface all the time. The grassed area is a perfectly good surface for fast running. 

Please, read the Covid instructions ( here ) before you come to training. Our Covid officer Andy will keep them up to date as they are changing all the time.  We have to be safe during this difficult time. From Monday Christine and I can’t see all our three grandchildren together ( again) as a family group. If they all came to the training sessions, we could. 

I’m going down early on Monday night (6 30pm) to do a one off, quick litter pick around the SGT. Anyone want to join me.? 

For those still to run the Virtual Darlington 10k, have a good one. It’s a point to point, there and back race. Please read the instructions carefully. ALWAYS. 


Covid Statement

Andy Butcher is our Covid officer and has been following up the recent gov announcements and information from Sport England regarding government guidelines to taking part in organised sport/training.

Members attending training MUST ensure that they follow the track and trace protocol and make sure they have been recorded as attended, a number of people are turning up late and not ensuring that they are registered and this is part of the clubs Covid secure protocol! If people are not follow these rules it could result in very large fines to coaches and the club and being unable to keep everyone safe.
As you will see from the information below, we can still carry on as normal unless a local/regional/nationwide lock down is in force.
An updated Risk Assessment is also attached here.

Information from Sport England:

While social gatherings of more than six people will be banned in England from 14 September, the government’s confirmed that organised sports and activities that have been through return to play protocols can continue, as can organised outdoor sports and physical activity events such as parkrun, which is due to return next month”

People can also continue to use leisure facilities, including gyms and pools – classes within these venues can continue as they are now. People should not go to these venues socially in groups of more than six.

That’s because these sports and activities have stringent plans in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19, and because these venues are classed as Covid-secure given the measures they’ve introduced. The importance of sport and physical activity to people’s physical health and mental well-being has also been recognised by the government.

Sessay Swift Results

1   Josh  Fothergill 22.18
2   Josh  Cooper 22.53
3   Matt  Jones 23.09
4   Paul Peacock 23.20
5   Joe Lofthouse 24.07
6   Peter Winder 24.44
7   Esther Harrison 24.50
8   Rob  Burn 25.24
9   Trudy Morrice 26.00
10   Lorraine Hiles 26.05
11   Sarah  Yeomans 26.06
12   Mike Lowther 26.16
13   Gary Wilkinson 26.17
14   Rob Lickley 26.18
15 G Martin Dobson 26.18
16   Paul Chapman 26.51
17   Gary Bastow 26.54
18   Alan Simpson 27.18
19   Adrian Saunders 27.29
20   Pete Jackson 27.35
21   David Tervitt 27.37
22   Gavin  Coventry 27.44
23   Jack Fisher 27.47
24   David Fawkes 28.18
25   Fran Jeffries 28.27
26   Rosie Gatenby 28.30
27   Kirsty Naylor 28.31
28   Jack Spence 28.40
29 G Matthew Fothergill 28.43
30 G Sam Mann 28.43
31   Andy Butcher 28.44
32   Pedro Carrasco 28.45
33 G Matthew Morrice 28.51
34   Clare Tempest 29.03
35   Richard Morrice 29.18
36   Brett Edgeworth 29.33
37   Paul Bradford 29.34
38   Helen  Ashworth 29.43
39   Hilary Coventry 29.43
40   Martyn Coy 30.09
41   Louise Mayfield 30.27
42   Paul Goacher 30.40
43   Stuart Waters 30.40
44   Steve Billings 31.09
45   Dave Baker 31.12
46   Geoff Bullock 31.15
47   Sonja van der Westhuizen 31.27
48   Paul van der Westhuizen 31.27
49   Tracey Lowther 31.44
50   Duncan Fothergill 31.58
51   James Stephenson 32.07
52   Ken Evitt 32.33
53   Phillip Craig 32.50
54   Jo Hunt 32.58
55   Garry Pearce 33.01
56   Trish Radford 33.32
57   Liz Wordsworth 33.35
58   Chris Wordsworth 33.50
59   Tim Waistell 34.09
60   Paul Adams 34.21
61 G Marianne Morrice 34.43
62   Alison Butcher 35.12
63   Sara Langstaff 35.50
64 G Andrea Watson 36.20
65   Caroline Pearce 36.59
66 G Kerry  Coventry 37.49
67 G Jennie Burtsell 37.50
68   Juliet Morrice 38.12
69   Christine  Burn 38.15
70   Margaret Wikeley 38.17
71 G imogen Ward 38.36
72 G Alex Gill 38.53
73   Gillian Crane 39.22
74 G Marina Dobbs 39.58
75   Sarah  Goacher 40.28
76   Kimberli Werner 41.11
77   Sharon Keegan 41.38
78   Liz Stephenson 42.11
79   Alan Wikeley 42.50
80   Tracy Hayden 45.00
81   Jemma Cropper 51.27

Training Week Commencing 31 August

Note from Rob re :
For those yet to run the Sessay Swift please wear something bright and keep to the side of the road. There is a lot of water on the verges and the light isn’t too good. Please, please be careful. send your times to Trish via email a soon as you complete your run. She shouldn’t have to chase you to get your times in. Saturday night is the deadline. 

And here’s Rob’s training for the coming week:

Monday 31st August. 7pm. PROMPT!   
S.G.Track  25 mins of core work.   3 to 4 laps of the track.  200 metes hard / 100 metres easy. Cool down – stretches. 

Wednesday 2nd September. 7pm. S.G.Track.  25 mins of core work.   The August monthly 2 mile time trial ( slightly late!)  Those at training can do this on the track but you must time yourself. The rest of you run where ever you want. Please send your times into Duncan. This is open to members and guests alike. Your summer handicap will be worked out using these times. 

And next challenge: We have a team working together to try and fit in a virtual London Marathon/ Redcar half marathon that incorporates the Gateway track. 4th October is the date for the virtual London that Lorraine and Clare are going to do for the Herriot Hospice/ Lambert. Others may want to run the marathon too. We are planning to run the half marathon on the same weekend. Watch this space. 
 Stay safe and enjoy your weekend, Rob

Thirsk 10 - 2020

Sunday 15th March 2020

Click here for results

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