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Cleveland Way Relay

This year, on Sunday 20 June, the Cleveland Way Relay will once again be run.  This is a team competition, with teams running in relay around the whole length of the Cleveland Way (~110 miles in total), starting in Filey and ending in Helmsley.

It is a great opportunity for us all to run as a team and support each other, and is a cracking day out in the moors.

If you would like to be part of it, please pass on your name to Rosie or Tom and they will make sure you’re included in the teams.  Everyone who wants to take part will do so.  The only question is how many teams we will put on!  But you must let us know by SUNDAY 9 MAY!  This is to allow time for everyone to agree which legs of the relay they are doing, and to give people ample time to recce their part of the route (if you wish to) and plan all the logistics needed for the day.

For those who’ve taken part before, you know the drill.  For those who are new to it, more details are below.

Any questions, or to confirm that you’re up for it, get in touch with Rosie or Tom on email, on Facebook, by text, or whenever you see us at training or around.

Cheers, your club captains,

Rosie (rosie_gatenby@yahoo.co.uk) and Tom (tomlevi1985@gmail.com)


Who organises the relay?

The relay is organised by NYMAC (North York Moors Athletic Club).  Check their website giving more detail on the relays here: https://www.nym.ac/cleveland-way-relay-info/

Organising the teams, though, is down to individual clubs and the teams running the relays.  This goes for transport, logistics, and everything else – all this, we organise ourselves.


How far will I have to run?

The relay is split into 16 separate legs.  Those legs range in distance from 3.5 miles up to 8.5 miles.  On average they are about 6 or 7 miles.  (Don’t be fooled by the distances – the shortest leg of all probably has the most difficult climbs and descents!)


How will I get there / how will I get back?

That is the golden question!  Once we have a list of people who want to run, we will work as a team to arrange who runs which legs.  Once that is decided, again as a team we’ll work on plans to get everybody where they need to be, at the time they need to be there.  And away again once you finish your leg.

This is why we need people’s entries confirmed so far in advance, both to recce the route but also to plan all journeys.  If you can drive and have access to a car, that will be a help.  But if you don’t – don’t worry, we as a team will get you where you need to be.


How fast do I have to run it?

How long’s a piece of string?  Whatever pace you want to do it!  While there is an element of racing against the other clubs taking part, this is less of a race and more of a team achievement.  The winning team don’t get anything (except longer to wait for their fish & chip supper!), and it’s more about turning up, enjoying the day and supporting each other.


How do I sign up?

Let Rosie or Tom know if you want to take part (see details above, or find us at training).  Let us know that you’re in, we’ll add your name to the list, then once we have all names we will be in touch so, as a team, we can decide amongst us who runs where.


When do I have to sign up by?

Let Rosie or Tom know by SUNDAY 9 MAY.  This might seem early, since the relays are on 20 June.  But trust us – we will all need that time to figure out logistics, to have time to check out the leg we’re running to recce the route, etc.


Can I run with someone else on a leg?

Absolutely.  If we have enough people take part, you can ‘double up’ on a leg to run with someone if that’s what you would prefer to do, or bring someone from outside the club to run with you too.  (Several people did this the last time we ran the relays as a club, in 2019.)


Can I run more than one leg?

Are you mad?!  But yes, you can run more than one leg.  Depending on the number of people that want to run, and how the team legs are split, it could be that you run two consecutive legs (several Harriers did this in 2019), you may run one leg then be a ‘partner’ to the runner of the next leg, or you could even run a leg, rest/recover, and then run a later leg (I think one or two Harriers did this, too, in 2019).  This will all be sorted out by you and the rest of your team.


Time Trial Instructions – Monday 26/04/21

Time Trial Instructions:

When: Monday 26th April
Where: Sowerby Gateway 7.30 – 8pm, after training.

Two x one mile laps, part trail, part track, the same as for the Easter handicap. 
Start and finish at the start of the 100m straight.
There will be a slight difference on the trail part of the course where there will be one or two obstacles, hopefully some trees and a couple of streams. 
Don’t gather at the start and don’t gather at the finish. Only run when there is a gap/space to do so, don’t run in groups and don’t run side by side. We are trying to get back to normal without it actually being normal! 

Time yourself and submit results below by : 9pm.

Submit Results Here

Training w/c 26/04/21

This week’s training at Sowerby Gateway Track:
Monday 26th April 6.50 start.
All groups, warm ups and a light session of core work, followed by monthly 2 mile time trial at 7.30 until 8pm.
Details to follow in separate email which will include time submission link. This is not a race and is part of your structured training program. Results will be out asap.

Wednesday 28th April 6.50 start.
Warm ups / light core work / 10 x 200 with jog back recovery up to 24 minutes duration.

Weekend long run:
70 mins. 25 mins steady / 20 mins brisk/ 25 mins steady

Forthcoming Races:
Next Championship Race 7: Gribdale Growler Fell Race
April 29/30th- May 1st/2nd. Full details in separate email to follow which will include time submission link.

20th June 2021: Cleveland Way Relays tbc
It is hoped that the Cleveland Way Relays will be going ahead, and we can submit a team, maybe two.
Your team captains will be in touch with further information, but in the meantime keep the date.

Training w/c 12/04/21

This week’s training at Sowerby Gateway Track:
Monday 12th April 6.50 start.
The grass group: Warm ups, light core work followed by 12 x 1 min @ a strong, smooth and relaxed 5k pace with just 30 sec recovery.
Pace, pace, pace. Get this right and you will have a good session and it will give you the confidence to go for a good time on Thursday. If you don’t then you will struggle.
If it’s cold you need to wrap up well. Last Monday we had snow. Numbers were half they were the week before. Do not put your woolly hat away just yet.

Wednesday 14th April 6.50 start.
Warm ups, light core work followed by 8 x 200 @ 5 k pace jog 100 m recovery . Almost ready to run a fast 5k!

Tonight is the first night of the beginners group. The course is full, selling out in just over a week. Tom is leading this group under the guidance of Andy. Please, if you see someone who is looking a little bit lost then they might be looking to join this group . Greet them with a smile and point them in the right direction. Good luck to all involved. We were all beginners once upon a time. Let the journey begin.

Weekend long run:
70 to 75 mins. Steady and relaxed on trail.

Forthcoming Races:
15th-18th April: 6th Club Championship Race
‘Spring coast road 5k’ on the Sowerby Gateway track. Full details in separate email to follow.

Sunday 11th April – Swainby Sweep:

The 2021 Hooded Horse 10K Trail Race in Memory of Ben Campbell
Sunday 27/06/2021 10am -12.30pm
Details on Facebook, entries through Bookitzone.

Melmerby 10k:
Not yet confirmed, but the plan is for the course to be open from the 1st May until 31st May and you need to register 48hrs before the date you wish to run, free of charge.

Training w/c 05/04/21

This week’s training at Sowerby Gateway Track:
Please note the following before coming to training:
1. Covid Rules continue the same as detailed last week. 
2. Warm ups will start at 6.55pm, everyone to be signed in before you go onto the track ready to start. 
3. Ken will be down with a barrow load of club kit for those looking for a new top. Maybe now is the time to start wearing your club vests. Run tall, run proud and go like the wind. 

Monday 5th April
6.55 warm ups for 7pm start.
2 groups as last week, light warm ups, light core work followed by intervals either on grass or on the track. 
6 x 3 mins @ 5k pace/ 1 min jog rec. 

If you raced or ran your long run on Sunday then reduce your effort to 10k or slightly slower pace.
Let’s get sorted a little quicker this week. Fast ones at the front, not quite so fast ones towards the back. This way we don’t have to pass one another and we all keep our distance. We all start the session together and we all finish together. Just adjust the intensity to suit. Pace judgement is the key.  I hope all you newer members are enjoying the challenge. 

Wednesday 7th April :
Easter  Handicap – please see separate email with instructions.

Weekend long run:    
75 minutes to include 3 x 10 mins @ stronger/ 10 mile pace placed at even intervals.

Forthcoming Races:
If you’ve not yet run this weekend’s Championship race, good luck!, don’t forget results to be submitted before 9pm on Sunday – details last week’s race email .
The 2021 Hooded Horse 10K Trail Race in Memory of Ben Campbell  
Sunday 27/06/2021 10am -12.30pm
Details on Facebook, entries through Bookitzone.

And a few final thoughts from Rob :
I ran my first club handicap race at Christmas 1982. It was a 4 mile cross country and ankle deep in mud. Perfect conditions for everyone. I’ve been responsible for every handicap since. It’s a lot of races, a lot of years and a lot of responsibility. I try to make them a little bit of a challenge, a little bit competitive, to give plenty of variety and fun.  It has to be fair and it also has to be safe. This one is no different. I’m using the wasteland because we may not get the chance to use it again. Grasp the moment. Always. Please come along and enjoy.

See you all on the road to Sand Hutton, Rob. 

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