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Training w/c 12/04/21

This week’s training at Sowerby Gateway Track:
Monday 12th April 6.50 start.
The grass group: Warm ups, light core work followed by 12 x 1 min @ a strong, smooth and relaxed 5k pace with just 30 sec recovery.
Pace, pace, pace. Get this right and you will have a good session and it will give you the confidence to go for a good time on Thursday. If you don’t then you will struggle.
If it’s cold you need to wrap up well. Last Monday we had snow. Numbers were half they were the week before. Do not put your woolly hat away just yet.

Wednesday 14th April 6.50 start.
Warm ups, light core work followed by 8 x 200 @ 5 k pace jog 100 m recovery . Almost ready to run a fast 5k!

Tonight is the first night of the beginners group. The course is full, selling out in just over a week. Tom is leading this group under the guidance of Andy. Please, if you see someone who is looking a little bit lost then they might be looking to join this group . Greet them with a smile and point them in the right direction. Good luck to all involved. We were all beginners once upon a time. Let the journey begin.

Weekend long run:
70 to 75 mins. Steady and relaxed on trail.

Forthcoming Races:
15th-18th April: 6th Club Championship Race
‘Spring coast road 5k’ on the Sowerby Gateway track. Full details in separate email to follow.

Sunday 11th April – Swainby Sweep:

The 2021 Hooded Horse 10K Trail Race in Memory of Ben Campbell
Sunday 27/06/2021 10am -12.30pm
Details on Facebook, entries through Bookitzone.

Melmerby 10k:
Not yet confirmed, but the plan is for the course to be open from the 1st May until 31st May and you need to register 48hrs before the date you wish to run, free of charge.

Training w/c 05/04/21

This week’s training at Sowerby Gateway Track:
Please note the following before coming to training:
1. Covid Rules continue the same as detailed last week. 
2. Warm ups will start at 6.55pm, everyone to be signed in before you go onto the track ready to start. 
3. Ken will be down with a barrow load of club kit for those looking for a new top. Maybe now is the time to start wearing your club vests. Run tall, run proud and go like the wind. 

Monday 5th April
6.55 warm ups for 7pm start.
2 groups as last week, light warm ups, light core work followed by intervals either on grass or on the track. 
6 x 3 mins @ 5k pace/ 1 min jog rec. 

If you raced or ran your long run on Sunday then reduce your effort to 10k or slightly slower pace.
Let’s get sorted a little quicker this week. Fast ones at the front, not quite so fast ones towards the back. This way we don’t have to pass one another and we all keep our distance. We all start the session together and we all finish together. Just adjust the intensity to suit. Pace judgement is the key.  I hope all you newer members are enjoying the challenge. 

Wednesday 7th April :
Easter  Handicap – please see separate email with instructions.

Weekend long run:    
75 minutes to include 3 x 10 mins @ stronger/ 10 mile pace placed at even intervals.

Forthcoming Races:
If you’ve not yet run this weekend’s Championship race, good luck!, don’t forget results to be submitted before 9pm on Sunday – details last week’s race email .
The 2021 Hooded Horse 10K Trail Race in Memory of Ben Campbell  
Sunday 27/06/2021 10am -12.30pm
Details on Facebook, entries through Bookitzone.

And a few final thoughts from Rob :
I ran my first club handicap race at Christmas 1982. It was a 4 mile cross country and ankle deep in mud. Perfect conditions for everyone. I’ve been responsible for every handicap since. It’s a lot of races, a lot of years and a lot of responsibility. I try to make them a little bit of a challenge, a little bit competitive, to give plenty of variety and fun.  It has to be fair and it also has to be safe. This one is no different. I’m using the wasteland because we may not get the chance to use it again. Grasp the moment. Always. Please come along and enjoy.

See you all on the road to Sand Hutton, Rob. 

Training w/c 29/03/21

Training w/c 29/03/21

Firstly this week, a note from Helen:

As the new Chair of Harriers for those new members who don’t know me or the rest of your Club’s Committee I hope over the next couple of weeks we get to say hello & you enjoy some training! Please be make yourself known at the track on Monday & Wednesday nights. Welcome.

A huge thanks to Adrian who for the last few weeks has kept us going & sane with our core zoom sessions. I’m sure we shall be even more grateful on Monday night when we do our core exercises at training!! This was new for the Club so please feedback either at training to Rob or I on the What’s App harriers group so we can learn for the future.

Secondly, this weeks time trial, some great improvements in time for 2021 so well done to those who achieved. Let’s hope that’s the last virtual and we look forward to the Easter Handicap in a couple of weeks.
Helen Ashworth

Return to Training!
Welcome back to training with Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers. Training returns to Sowerby Gateway track from Monday 29th March. Here’s Rob’s instructions:

Please note the following before coming to training:
1. We are now allowed to travel for organised training and competition, please check UK Athletics website for greater detail and remember Covid rules apply.
2. You will need to register before you go onto the track. Alison and Christine will greet you on the slope that guides you on to the field. We need volunteers to take turns at taking registration from now on & you will need to be present from 6.40pm.
3. Covid rules are basically the same as on day one. Don’t touch anything, anyone and keep your distance. Please listen to your group leaders.
4. Coaches arrive to set up for training before 6.45 pm. This is a good time to ask questions about training. 
5. Warm ups will start at 6.55pm, that’s 5 to and not 5 past!

Monday 29th March
Monday Interval session on grass. 
4 x 4 mins strong / 1 min  steady  We don’t stop.

Wednesday 31st March:
Warm Up. Light core work. 
3 or 4 laps 100, 200, 300, brisk even paced efforts with just 20 seconds recovery.      

Weekend long run:    
75 minutes to include 3 x 10 mins @ stronger/ 10 mile pace placed at even intervals.

All groups will start training with a gentle warm up followed by light core work and once fully warmed up, intervals. There are usually two groups. A beginners group is hoping to start on April 14th which will make three. 
One group will run long intervals with short recovery on grass, (Rob’s group). The other group will run shorter, intense intervals on the track, (Andy’s group). 
Please ask if you are unsure which group you  want to be in. You can change groups the following week if you want. 
During group sessions most of you will train harder than you would than if you were on your own. Please pace yourself carefully. You need to finish the session.
This is our first group session for 3 months. We’ll start off gently and increase the work load each week. Don’t chase times. Your speed will improve as the weeks go by. 

The next Championship race, virtual Hartlepool 5 miles will be held next weekend, and details will follow in a separate email, including all the information, route, description submission etc. that you will need. 

Easter Handicap will take place on Wednesday April 7th on the Gateway using both the track and the wasteland to the right.
There will be more details next week but I need 4 or 5 volunteers to help mark out, measure and to make sure nobody walks off with the markers while we are using them. The aim is to give a little variety and to challenge you to a higher level. You have to train your brain to train your body to run faster over uneven surfaces. Besides it should be fun!.  

Forthcoming Races:
A long time since we listed any race dates, but hopefully this is now going to change.
Here’s the first:
The 2021 Hooded Horse 10K Trail Race in Memory of Ben Campbell  
Sunday 27/06/2021 10am -12.30pm
Details on Facebook, entries through Bookitzone.

And a few final thoughts from Rob :
You have to train your brain Grandad Rob. That’s what our youngest 4 year old Grandchild said to me at Christmas. Then she was on single letters. Now she’s doing fully joined up words and reading all on her own. As soon as it’s possible I’m taking all 3 Grandkids  to White Rose Books and spoiling them something rotten. They all really love reading. I’ll settle for a cup of coffee and a big piece of cake. If there is anything I’ve missed this past year is sitting them on my knee and reading them a story. I love watching them read and learn. Soon it will be their turn to read me a story and it’ll be me who is falling to sleep. 

Keep running, keep smiling and this time I’ll see you soon, Rob.

Training w/c 22/03/21

Training for the week commencing: 22nd March 2021
Here’s Rob’s training:

Monday 22nd March
10 mins warm up.
6 x 3 mins @ 5 k pace / 2 min 10 mile pace rec.
10 mins cool down.
This is a big, strong session. don’t go into it lightly. Do a proper warm up and stay focused.

Tuesday 23rd March:
Zoom core training with Adrian, 20/30 minutes:
Topic: T&SH Core

Wednesday 24th March:
Monthly 2 mile time trial brought forward this month – separate email with details and results link to follow

Weekend long run:
Once warmed up, 1 x 15 mins at 10 mile pace/effort.
I usually fit my effort in at around two thirds of the way through then I finish on a stronger, faster up, beat pace. You don’t need to be finishing your run tired but at the same time you don’t want to be finishing it slow.

Beginners Group


A new beginners running group in Thirsk starting April 2021.

Thirsk & Sowerby Harriers will be starting a new running group for those who are new to running, those returning to running after a break or those who want to join a social group for some exercise and fun – catering for all abilities.

While we cannot meet in groups right now, lockdown restrictions will soon mean outdoor exercise will be allowed and so we aim to start this group in April.

The group will help you build confidence in your abilities, build up your fitness and provide a sociable group environment to give you encouragement all along the way.  It will be led by qualified coaches and run leaders from Thirsk & Sowerby Harriers, so you’ll be in good hands.

Further details will be posted on our website and Facebook page soon.  This will include information on how to register for the group, the start date of the sessions and where/when we will meet.  Keep your eyes peeled and please share this with anyone you think would be interested.  If you are already interested, feel free to let us know and we’ll ensure you hear when we share final details of the group.

Stay safe and see you soon.

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